The Battle Between CLAREBLEND MINI and NuFace (Outcome Results) Which is the better home microcurrent machine?


1. It's cheaper

2. Nodes are smaller

3. More effective (in my opinion)

OK, let's talk about why the MINI beats the NuFace.First, it's cheaper. The regular NuFace costs several hundreds of dollars. Even the "mini" version is $350++.

The MINI is just $359

But not for you, oh dear subscriber.

For you, it's just $299

But, you knew that already, right?


The nodes are smaller and fit oh-so-well under the lips, eyes and cheekbones on the MINI.

the NuFace nodes are rather large and you have to buy more attachments (!!) to make them fit well under the lips and eyes.

I'm not sure what the reasoning is for this, but it seems like just an overall firming/toning device vs. a selective area device.

I prefer the latter.


My MINI and my NuFace work pretty consistently to get a firmer, toned look fairly quickly.


With the Mini, I get no zaps, pain or sting.


The NuFace will zap you good if you don't have enough of the thick, goopey gel (conductive agent) applied.

You must use a conductive agent with either, but I use a good-for-the-skin thinner mixture with my MINI.

Either way, using a conductive gel is a must.

However, I can target areas of my face with the MINI (I cannot with the NuFace).

I also seem to get a tighter, firmer jawline with the MINI.

Maybe it's in my head, but I actually see better results (and no PAIN) when I use the MINI.

Three good reasons (I think).

I almost always opt for it vs. picking up the NuFace these days.

Although the NuFace is cordless, which I love.

Hopefully CLAREBLEND who manufactures the MINI will pick up on that and make a cordless version.

Of course, all of this is my opinion.

I'm a licensed esthetician and skincare afficionado, so I guess I do have some "street cred" on the topic.

Neither is a replacement for a good, in-treatment session with an experienced technician.

However, both are great for maintaining results. I just happen to feel the MINI edges out the NuFace.

Yes, I sell the MINI (available through licensed estheticians). But I could offer affiliate links to the NuFace.

Honestly, I just prefer the MINI.

It's not as slick or well-designed. It's not heavily marketed. It's got its drawbacks (see my previous post). 

It just seems to truly work better for me.

Either way, if you have used both, what do you think?


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