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Best FAST arm toning workouts

These are my FAVE arm toning workouts and are AGELESS approved:

-Tracy Anderson Matte Workout -- a departure from the normal heavy weights and boring reps. This is KILLER and will tone your arms in no time.

-8 Minute Arms -- oldie, but a goodie. I did this for years with varying degrees of weights and always saw quick results. I'm telling you...get past the hilarious spandex outfits and do the workout. It works!

-Jackie Warner -- she knows her stuff and my favorite are the PowerCircuit Dvd workouts. They are only 15 minutes and do the job.

Good luck! Do a rotation of these each week (do the Tracey Anderson a couple times) and you'll be super proud of showing off your arms! *These are all available on amazon or even ebay.

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Housewives of OC vs. Housewives of NYC: Cotton Candy vs. Steak & Potatoes

This is just my opinion, but the Housewives of OC remind me of cotton candy. They are pretty, "pink," and fluffy with lot of whirling oh-so-blonde hair (save for Heather), plumped pink lips and lot of lashes, boobs and bling.

On the other hand, the Housewives of NYC remind me of steak and potatoes, and not just any steak and potatoes, but filet mignon and duchess potatoes.

Am I crazy? The NYC girls have their own version of fancy and fluffy, but it's definitely a bit more grounded and substantial (to me, anyway). What is the OC fascination with fakeness? I know we all want to look good, but some of them are just over the top and pretty starts to be questionable--especially when you see their kids, mothers, etc. who look like the OLD them (pre "help").

Just my opinion.

And Jersey? Definitely spaghetti bolognese!

Santica Lab - CELLUSCIENCE Anti-Cellulite they work?

Today I'm reviewing CELLUSCIENCE Anti-Cellulite Treatment Capsules. This is MY honest review and I am NEVER endorsed for any products I review or try. It's just me putting out what I've discovered based on my experiences.

OK... I got these  treatment capsules right from Santica Labs and started to take them. They suggest taking one three times a day and I NEVER start with recommended doses because I always want to see how something reacts to my body before loading up. Sound logical?

I took one per day for several weeks. Did I see results? Um, maybe. I seemed to have a slightly less dimpled overall appearance (legs, arms, etc.). They did seem to make me want to go to the bathroom (slightly diurectic effect) and that is what I assumed the results were I was seeing. Less retaining water = less dimpling.

Then I started taking two per day. Results didn't seem to improve much so I after a few weeks I bumped it up to three per day. This was not a good fit for me personally as I …

Review: Raspberry Ketones for Weight Loss...Maybe not

Howdy! This review is about the RASPBERRY KETONES that Dr. Oz has endorsed as a possible weight-loss wonder supplement. Well of course I bought into it and here's my story:

While at a local vitamin store I ran into the RK and decided to get them. Also, a little sign posted next to them said "Dr. Oz Approved!" Like I didn't already know that.

I started taking them the next. I always start out slow with new supplements, often cutting them in half just to see how I'll do with them, but this was a departure from that. Since they are capsules I decided to take a full one and wing it.

Wowie kazowie! Energy verging on jitters and and odd mood followed. I was depressed, energetic and moody all at once. I wasn't keen on this obviously, so the next time I just poured a little from one full capsule into an empty geletin capsule and took that. I felt the same, but just less of it. The  next two times equalled the same effect. I really didn't like it, plus it was messing…