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REVIEW: Lifting and Firming...What works?

REVIEW: Garnier Ulta-Lift PRO Gravity Defying Cream

OK, I'll admit I wasn't a big fan of Garnier skincare products (except the eye roller--love it!). I've tried others before and felt like they didn't do much. So why did I decide to try again with this product? Honestly, I'm not sure, but I guess I was sold by an ad or something.

Anywho...I bought it and have used it for about 3 weeks now. I can say that I do notice a bit of a lift and firmness in my cheek and jowl area. Nothing dramatic, mind you, but it does seem a bit lifted and more sculpted.

I don't have major jowls (yet, I'm 49 in June), but I do notice some slackness in the area. That made me seek something with "ultra" power and I'd say for a fairly inexpensive item that you can get just about anywhere, this might be worth a try. As usual, don't expect miracles, but it's worth a go if you need just a little extra help right now.

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Hot flashes, skin, cellulite helped by pycnogenol

hot flashes?

This little-known (well, little hyped as of yet) supplement has been shown to help hot flashes and aid in the appearance of skin.

As an antioxidant, it has the properties to do just that and I can attest that it does help with skin and appearance of cellulite when I take it consistently.

What is it?
Pycnogenol. It's up to you, but for me, it works. Do you own research, talk to your doc and decide for yourself. Here's an article by Dr. Perricone about how it can help overall skin

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Cellulite Buster Series: Review of BlissSpa + Coffee Gel

OK, we all want to know what works, right? If you're like us, you've tried it all and been pretty disappointed. We've decided to do a short series on what we've found that works (and what doesn't--at least for us).

Cellulite Buster #1:

BlissSpa Cellulite Massager:
This little rubber, nubbly device is cheap and easy to use. Just suds up in the shower and massage your bumpy parts with it. It increases circulation which helps to reduce the APPEARANCE of cellulite. It works if you use it consistently. Use it with a good caffeine shower gel or shower oil for best results.

Caffeine: There are all kinds of coffee ground rub stories out there and what we've found is, they sort of work, but boy, are they messy and difficult to do! What's easier? Use a good quality caffeinated shower gel or scrub with your shower massager for best results.

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Wealthy WAHM... How to Be a Profitable Mommy

So you wanna be a WAHM. Well, here are a few tips for you to skip the "building time" and get on the road to profits faster.

Being a mom is tough. That's not new news. However, so many moms decide to take time to make a little business to help out the family and to do something fulfilling and (hopefully) fun.

What they realize could be that although they've got the business and a little time to devote to it, they aren't getting the impact profits they desire.

I write this because after nearly 10 years of working with WAHMs, I've learned a thing or two about their needs. I've also learned what works and doesn't work for most WAHMs who desire to run a profitable home business in direct sales and party plan sales.

I've got several books, ezines, newsletters, online articles, videos, name marketing help and guidance. After taking some time and polling readers, I've learned what they really need:

LEADS and a way to get …

Best Arm Workout: REVIEW Tracey Anderson, Jackie Warner, Physique57

I love working out my arms! I see immediate results and since I live in a warm climate, my arms are visible often, so I must keep them toned (or at least try!).

For my review, I'm covering what has worked best for me (a 48-year old woman).

I like:

Tracey Anderson Matte Workout DVD--this is a whole body workout, but the arms sections really tone me up. One workout uses no weights (KILLS your arms anyway) and one has light weights. Try this one!

Jackie Warner--Love her weights workouts. They are focused and really get the job done. She is my GO TO for serious weights.

Physique 57 30-Minute Arms/Abs--This is a concentration of just what it says: Arms and Abs. I see instant results after doing this. It's concentrated, not too fast and very dancer-like (but you don't need to be a dancer to do it).

Hope this helps someone out there who is looking for a good arm routine to rotate during your week!

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Brazil Butt Lift Workout DVD Review

By now you know I'm a bit of a sucker for infomercial products. Well, Leandro and his Brazil Butt Lift were no different.

I workout about 5 days a week consistently. I do treadmill, weights, Jackie Warner, Jillian Micheals, Tracy Anderson among others, so I thought I'd mix it up to get the butt of my dreams with this DVD.

Here are my candid thoughts:

The program is pretty good and comprehensive. You get workout bands, diet guide, measurement guide plus DVDs (plus a few other assorted things). I got it on one of the shopping channels for a BIG savings over the infomercial deal.

I tried all the DVDs and ended up selling it all on ebay. Why? It just wasn't my cup of tea. While you would definitely burn fat (especially with full-length Bum Bum), it wasn't my enjoyed type of workout.

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Here's why:

It's very fast and although I'm pretty fit, I still found myself trying to keep up and getting irritated because of lack of any breaks or a…