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Crepe Erase: An honest review after two months of use

Crepe Erase:

Does this product really work?

*I have not been paid or sent any free product for this post*

I have used this product for two months straight. Almost exclusively. I'm on vacation in Colorado and took a big jar of it with me, leaving home most of my other products, oils, butters, etc.

The water here is hard. Very mineralized and very tough and hair and skin.

I live in AZ -- very hard on skin as it is so darn dry! However, I have found a great solution that seems to work and isn't pricey (see below).

I wanted so much to like this product and while I think it helps in the immediate (any moisture will help dry, parched skin), I cannot endorse it as a "fix" for dry, wrinkled, crepey skin.

I just can't. I have to say I've slathered it on nightly after my shower, before bed, all over my hands and my hands have never looked worse!

I'm not impressed with this product.

Here's what I mean:

My hand just before applying product. Dry, crepey, wrinkled...yuck!
My h…

Tough post: Breast Cancer and OTC estrogen enhancers (i.e. Estroven)

This is not an easy post to write.

I feel I must.

I took Estroven PM for four plus years straight. It helped me sleep at night during the dreaded perimenopause insomnia. It worked like a charm. Or so I thought.

Then I got diagnosed with DCIS. Breast cancer. An estrogen-dependent breast cancer. 

Caught early. Removed. No chemo.

Thank GOD.

But, since I took this OTC supplement and it most certainly (in my opinion only) made matters worse for me, I needed to speak out.

Not to not take it. Not to bash the product. But to make sure all women who are taking it or consider taking it know the risks. 

Talk to your doc. Probably not an issue, but just in case, you need to know.

As a note, I also took progesterone (bio identical) for a few years. Not sure if this had a detrimental effect, but I stopped a couple years before my diagnosis. 

Do your homework! This product and others that mess with hormones can lead to trouble. Just be aware.