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Ageless Beauty: $30.00 Browlift?

Here are some before and afters of a "$30 browlift."

What's different? Her eyes seem more wide open and awake without looking "done" or overly lifted.

See for yourself how this simple technique can work for you, too!

Check it out...

How to apply eyebrows for maximum arch and no "mean look"

See my video eyebrow tutorial...


Hot Fall Fashion for 2011

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Why do women do this to themselves?

Such a pretty lady...too bad she's gone overboard. The second picture illustrates my point about doing LESS people! The lips are too big, cheeks too full, everything is just out-of-whack. It really makes you wonder what she's trying to hide...or show?

The good news? If she holds back for awhile she should return to normal and be able to start again.

Find out how to tell if you've gone too far...

AGELESS Review: OLAY Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution

OLAY Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution... Does it work?

All I have to say about this product is OMG! Seriously...I rarely feel this excited about a product, but I LOVE this one. It truly does relax the lines on my forehead and they even seem lesser after about a week of nightly use.
PROS: It's relatively cheap and easy to get at any drugstore. See amazon reviews (click box below) It works fast (in my opinion) No side-effects or reaction (for me, anyway)
**Use as a wrinkle reducing primer, too. The consistency is somewhat thick and may be just perfect for you!
Not permanent (what is?), but cheaper and sweeter than Botox Need to use consistently to get results

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Ageless Beauty: REVIEW: Melt It Off Infomercial Product

Ageless Beauty: REVIEW: Melt It Off Infomercial Product: Melt It Off... Does it work? Have you seen this infomercial? Likely it's caught your eye. They say you can melt off pounds in just 3 days.....

REVIEW: Melt It Off Infomercial Product

Melt It Off... Does it work? Have you seen this infomercial? Likely it's caught your eye. They say you can melt off pounds in just 3 days...but don't all of them say pretty much the same thing? I not only got caught up watching it a few time, I ordered it and have used it for several weeks now. Here's my review: First, I'm an active work-out person. I do it consistently for 4 or 5 days a week, about 30-45 minutes each session. I'm not in great shape, but good shape. That said, I have used this system a few times a week. I have "melted off" a couple of pounds using it without the diet plan (I just usually watch what I eat and indulge when I must). I have used it with other workouts on altrernating days. PROS: It's simple, not complicated and even kind of fun. The one DVD has several workouts so you can do them as you choose. Included are cardio and abs + 3-10 minute workouts for days you're rushed. Includes 2 lb. weighted "G ball" for the workouts

The cheapest, best cellulite buster!

Ageless Beauty Tips:
The cheapest, best cellulite buster!
It's temporary (aren't they all?), but I've found two little items that truly help smooth out the skin and reduce "the appearance" of the vile scourge. They are cheap and easy to get and they work because they increase blood flow in just the right way (better than even using your own hands to do the same). I don't know why or how, but I know it works for me so I thought I'd share...
1. Available on amazon...
Use it every night or morning (or both). Start using it over a light fabric as it really is deceptively powerful and can cause bruising until you work up to using it on bare skin.

Bliss Slimulator... use this in the shower with a little body oil or shower gel. It works great!

Bottom your money on the creams and potions. They actually make a difference you cansee…

Life After 40--- Living Well Takes a Few Calculated Measure, But Can Pay Off!

Exercise is a must. I do cardio (treadmill or kick-butt w/o video like Jillian Michaels) several times a week. I do weights (I like to work my arms and need to so they don’t jiggle…much!) I’d say I spend about 30-45 minutes 5x a week.I eat/drink whatever I want…in moderation (that old saw is true…) I love good wine, cheese, margaritas, pizza…but I can only eat these things a couple times a week. Other days I eat fish, chicken, beef (a few times a month) plus veggies and salad (no carbs). I try to keep the carbs low, but I love them so I must eat them sometimes, but pay for it later. My best tip is to just cut the carbs from meals where I have protein/veggies. I eat lots of salad (I do love salad so I make all kinds to keep it interesting). I don’t eat a lot of sugar, but I do need a little during the month. I find the less I eat it, the less I want it. I do drinks lots of water and often put a splash of unsweetened cranberry juice in it (it’s tart!) for extra antiox…

3 Tips For Life After 40

Living agelessly isn't just takes work. And if you're not committed to doing the work, every day, forget it. After 40 you can no longer "coast" and worry about it later. Those sleepless nights and late hours now show up faster and linger longer. Remember the days of going out drinking and suffering a few hours of hangover only to do it again? No it's days of getting the balance back!

Here are 3 simple things you can do to really make a difference in that plumping tummy, sagging skin and sleep-deprived rest:

1. It sucks, but it's true: Exercise is the key. The thing is you really don't have to kill yourself. Just find something you like and do it until you're sweaty (yes, you MUST sweat to de-puff the mushroom top) 3 or 4 times per week. It will work. I suffered even though I exercised 5 days a week--I just wasn't really sweating long enough. Once I started doing that, it just melted off (I'm 48!).

2. I started to realize that…

Tried and True... Tips for Ageless Living Past 40


1.) Keep exercising through old age. Just because youre older doesnt mean your body cannot handle exercise. It just may take a little longer to see results than when you were younger. Make sure you add weightlifting to your aerobic routine as it helps burn harmful estrogen-producing adipose tissue!

2.) Eliminate processed foods from your diet. A SAD diet high in refined carbs depletes you of vital minerals and nutrients that are essential to a womans hormonal health.

3.) Eat cruciferous vegetables like Kale, broccoli, and cabbage, which have active chemicals like indole-3-carbinol that assist in your ability to metabolize harmful estrogens that can wreak havoc on your body and raise your risk of certain types of breast and ovarian cancer.

Just wrote an article on Natural PMS tips for women that you might want to check out as well

Take care!
Alexander J. Rinehart, MS, DC, CCN

Chiropractor, Certified Clinical Nutriti…

Keep Your "AGELESS MOJO" With These Tips

I am 44-years-old. Here are my tips to take at least 10 years off your appearance and keep your "mojo:"

1. Drink lots and lots of water. I know you hear this all of the time, but it keeps your skin glowing and hydrated. Water is this magic elixir we dont get enough of and need more of.

2. Dont be afraid to go bold and sassy. Im not saying dress like a teenager. Im saying now is a great time to take risks. I boldly went from brunette to blonde in my 40s -- and Ive never been stared at or complemented more. It was a sassy decision that paid off. I have consistently remained a size 4 my entire life. When I became a mother, I didnt show off anymore. Now Ive gone back to flaunting my assets. I wear comfortable but fitted clothes. I dress up more often in bold and fun clothes that (again) are age appropriate. I wear heels that take my 5 9" height to 62" -- and believe me that turns heads all by itself.

3. Take care of yourself. Eat in moderation. Get exercise. And don…

Good Ageless Beauty Tips...easy!

1) I got a really cute young-looking hairdo that people tell me took 10 years off my appearance,
2) I dress young but not ridiculously (I make sure my clothes dont overtake my small frame, which i think makes me look younger). No big collars, no large prints, no blousy or poufy looks.
3) I keep my chin up (sounds stupid, but if you look in a mirror, you will look younger by lifting your chin up an inch or two or 3.
Ellen Pober Rittberg
"35 Things Your Teen Wont Tell You So I Will"

Ageless Tips: How to Live Ageless

Ageless Tips:

My philosophy includes:
1. Perceiving my perfection, the true self within.
2. Forgiving myself, learning from my mistakes, and mindfully moving on.

My actions include:
1. Healing and maintaining the body sacred with proper diet,
nutrition, and exercise.
2. Holistic medicines and treatments whenever possible.

Hope helpful,
Trinda Latherow (50+)
Author of Pieces of the Puzzle

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Ageless Tip: Use treatments products at night (not day)

Whenever you shop for new skincare products, most of them have a daytime option (usually with SPF) and an night time option. Which should you choose?

Truly, to keep it simple, stick with the night options and use sunscreen and "treatment" moisturizers during the day. Most moisture lotions have not only treatments like vitamins or smoothing properties, but also sunscreen. Make your daytime regime simple and only use these. For treatments like retinols and lifting serums, allow these to work on clean skin while you sleep. This is when they will work the best and not have to compete with other things like makeup, sunscreen, etc. to do their job.