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Non-Surgical, No Injection Natural Lip Plumpers

Here's the thing: When we get older our lips get thinner, droopier. It's natural. It's also very demoralizing when you go to put on lipstick or gloss and see a thin line of crepey, dry skin where your lips used to be!

Three things I do to naturally plump up my lips. If you do them consistently you'll see results. It does not happen overnight, but it will help since they all increase circulation and blood flow to the area.

1. Massage your lips and the surrounding area nightly. This doesn't mean rub and tug; it's a gentle massage. You can sort of pluck/pinch your lips and the surrounding tissue to increase blood flow.

2. Exfoliate your lips weekly (at a minimum) with a nice sugar scrub. You can buy one or make one (just Google it for a million different recipes). I use the one by Suzanne Somers. It's natural/organic and I like it. This will keep your lips moist and keep lines away plus the extra manipulation helps blood flow to your lips.

3. Stretch them. Loo…