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Microcurrent at Home Review: NufFace vs. Clareblend Mini at Home - Esthetician

Clareblend Mini Vs. The NuFace"It's like a little workout for your face," actress Jennifer Aniston said in a magazine interview with InStyle last year.

Backed by science and discovered for actual medical treatments. The electrical stimulation technology behind the microcurrent facial has been used in partnership with various treatments for Bells’ palsey sufferers, a sudden paralysis or weakness of facial muscles that causes one side of your face to appear to droop.

Of course, when they discovered that it can help “lift” the face of a Bell’s palsey patient, the beauty industry’s wheels started churning.

Here’s how it works:
For a professional cosmetic procedure, an aesthetician would apply a conductive gel to your face. It’s like the gel is used for ultrasound scans, since it allows for the distribution of electric impulses.

Next, the aesthetician would use the microcurrent wands, two of them, to the skin's surface, stimulating the facial muscles underneath.

The two wands e…

Microcurrent at Home - How Celebrities are Using Microcurrent to Lift and Tone Their Face


Can it really lift sagging face muscles and take 5-10 years off your appearance...immediately?

In a word, yes, albeit temporarily.

Microcurrent at Home - How Celebrities are Using Microcurrent to Lift and Tone Their Face

Microcurrent: It’s a simple tool, really. Two wands, negative and positive, and electrical current running between. Simply said, just apply both wands to the right areas of your face, and electrical current flows through the skin and facial muscle, causing a tightening. Properly done, it doesn’t feel like anything's happening.

An office treatment is the best. A skilled Esthetician can really lift, tone and re-sculpt those muscles…at least temporarily. To keep those results, you should have a regular (if pricey) standing appointment…or a nice little home machine that can maintain.

It’s like adding caffeine energy to your face. Like coffee perks up your brain, microcurrent perks up your face. A brightness from blood flow. A tightening and firming from the c…

Troubleshooting Microcurrent at Home - How to Make Your Microcurrent Work Better

How to Make Your Microcurrent Work Better--A few tips you should know!

Using microcurrent at home is an easy way to look younger (up to 10 years) fast and naturally. By using microcurrent (I'm using the Clareblend Mini, but you can apply to any system), you can reduce some of the droop and sag that our muscles naturally give way to as we age.

See my video for tips!  WATCH and SUBSCRIBE

Home DIY Facelift - SAVE $50 Right Now!



hi there this is Karen with a ageless beauty pro and I wanted to do a quick troubleshooting video on how to work with your mini and any problems that you might be having so the first thing I'm going to cover is if you're using your mini with your conductive gel and perhaps you've used the gel that I sent along with it and it maybe you know if you're getting 00:33 zaps or anything that's perfectly fine 00:36 this is a hydrating tightening gel that 00:40 can also be used as a conductive gel …

How to Look Younger Naturally - At Home Plan - What you need at 30, 40, 50, 60 skincare

Look younger naturally at home - what you need at 30, 40, 50, 60 skincare 30s - Noticing a sunspot or two? Maybe a few fine lines?

To look younger naturally (and stay looking about 10 years younger through your lifetime), this is when you should be really implementing a good skincare program, like a weekly exfoliation, maybe some light microneedling or red light. This will help keep your skin in top form by continuing cell production and boosting collagen. Stay hydrated, keep your skin plump and firm with a good moisturizer and light serum.

Halle will always be gorgeous
40s - More lines, deeper furrows, lackluster skin
Step it up! Definitely a good exfoliation weekly + microcurrent to keep you muscles "in place" + microneedling/dermarolling and/or red light.

This is when t are most needed to stave off future damage. If you implement a good system now, you'll be SO much happier in the next 10 years.  Stay with it each week and you'll maintain result so much more!

] KIM is loo…

Fall asleep faster, sleep better - How to have happy dreams tonight

How to have happier dreams...tonight - Fall asleep faster, sleep better
Simple tip to fall asleep faster and sleep happier.

According to a German research firm, sleepers who are exposed to the scent of roses reported sweeter dreams.

Just spritz your pillow/linens with roses (or lavender...or any simple scent that makes you happy).

Your emotional response to the scent may positively affect your dreams.

scentnoun plural noun: scents a distinctive smell, especially one that is pleasant. "the scent of freshly cut hay" Scents to dreamland guide - Best scents to fall asleepScent can get your attention (cinnamon buns in the over?) and affect your actions (smile when you smell those lovely orange blossoms in the spring?).
Scent can also be a great asset to get better sleep. These five scents most people love that can help enhance your slumber.

Lavender Calming, soothing, relaxing…these are all terms to describe this scent. This plant has been used to reduce anxiety and agitation for many years…

KETO Celebrities - Was Marilyn Monroe Keto?

MODERN GIRL VS. MARILYN MONROE KETO CELEBRITIES: Marilyn, it’s reported, was a big fan of lots of protein.

Why, she was practically KETO before KETO was cool (or even heard of).

KETO, as you likely know, focuses on a low carb (very low), high protein diet that will benefit your health and help you lose weight.

Marilyn mixed raw eggs into milk and gulped it down for breakfast. While that might be a bit much for us modern-day folk, it’s a similar diet that might help us shed a few curves.

Marilyn Monroe- KETO DIET

KETO for DUMMIES Basically, Ketogenic diet is a very low-carb diet that turns your body into a fat-burning machine. You eat more protein and high-fat foods that induce your body into the state known as ketosis. Also, this diet will change your body from a sugar (glucose) burner to a fat burner. You’ll tend to eat more fats and less carbs. That’s it in a nutshell.

What is Ketosis Ketosis a natural process of the body that helps us survive when food intake is low. During this st…

How to Firm and Tone Your Eye Area Using Microcurrent - Hooded Eyes

How to Firm and Tone Your Eye Area Using Microcurrent


hi there I'm Karen with ageless beauty
Pro and I am going to give you just a
little quick tutorial on using your
Clareblend mini around your eye area.

First thing I'm going to do is take a
little bit of my conductive gel and
gently dot it all around my orbital area.

I just need a little bit because I'm going
to reactivate it with my mist so I don't
have to really glob on a ton of
conductive gel.

I just need enough to do
the treatment and I like to use a nice
enriched conductive gel that I make
myself or you can find them that are
pre-made that have some really good
active ingredients in them.

So I'm going to start with the mini.

 I've got my conductive gel on; add a light mist.

 I use a rose water mist or a really nice peptide
mist or a stem-cell mist or just even a
purified water mist. I really like the
rose water mist it smells amazing.

What I'm going to do is start o…