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Cheaper than Botox: Drugstore item has relaxed my forehead wrinkles!

Hey ladies: Here's a quick post for any of you who are trying to either avoid Botox or are looking for a cheaper alternative. I have one: The Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex

The first bottle of this that I bought didn't work at all. It was stiff, hardly came out the bottle and did nothing. In a fit of defiance, I bought another bottle to try it again. Normally, I wouldn't bother, but something told me that the first bottle was defective.

I was right.

I use this daily now to stave off my ever-deepening forehead creases (I have a pre-teen--enough said!). It really does help relax the lines without giving me that Frankenstein frozen forehead that is, to me, becoming more and more laughable when I see it on some middle-aged housewife screaming on TV.

I like that this stuff is pretty cheap (under $30), easily available (even at grocery stores) and it does work.

Hope it does the same for you!

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Fall 2013 season nail polish colors revealed!

The Gel Place Talks BGEL And Nail Polish Colors Of The Season. Summer is in full swing and with fall right behind on its coat tails many of us are frantic in figuring out what nail polish works best and lasts the longest for us fashionistas. Because let’s face it, not everyone has time to sit in a nail salon waiting for their nails to dry! Whether you’re a fan ofthis seasons bolds or neon colors, The Gel Place provides THE highest-quality nail polish, called BGEL. BGEL is the only true one-step system. No base coat or top coat required- just one amazing gel polish! It dries in UNDER 2 minutes in the light. Can you imagine saving 15-30 minutes in a nail spa or salon without sacrificing quality? With 71 trendy, bold, and perfect colors, The Gel Place provides a color for anyone looking to make a statement this season. The color selection includes vibrant neon’s sparkling glitters for summer and all of the deep reds, pinks, and blues clients are looking forward to flaunting in the fall. Ea…