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Trendy Top: Is it a total scam or just bad service?

OK, so I'm a sucker. I'll freely admit it. I saw the infomercial for Trendy Top and thought "yeah, that's just what I need!" So I toddled off to my computer and tried to order.

First problem, there are NO SIZE equivalents listed on the site. Just Small/Med, Large, XL. What they equate to nobody seems to know. I called customer service who told me they are just a call center and don't have the info.


I decided to order anyway and through the process was told I could order another set FREE and just pay extra shipping. I thought "OK, I'll get set of Small/MED and one set of Large." That will cover me depending on how they run (I wear an 8). Besides, there's always ebay if things don't turn out well.

Wrong again.

When I finally got through the process after clicking "No Thanks" on many additional offers (don't you hate that?) my order confirmation came up and it appears I've not only been charged extra shipping…