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Ageless Beauty: Best over-40 eye shadow primer?

I've used Laura Geller, Paula Dorf and various others and the one I've found that I like the best right now is by Stila. The Primer Pot contains a tinted, creamy-but-dry formula that glides on and makes my lids look great even without shadow! It makes my lids look smooth--perfect for shadow.

Others I've used have been too tacky (Dorf), too creamy (Geller), but this one is a winner. Wish it was cheaper, but to get what you really want from a product, sometimes you have to splurge. Love it!

Bridal Makeup Artists: Learn how to run a successful bridal makeup business!


Ageless Living: Home-Business? Need Leads?

This system is called LEADS, LEADS, LEADS for a will absolutely skyrocket your leads if you're in direct sales:

AGELESS BEAUTY..on the cheap!

An amazing new product I've found is actually an old one I had laying in my bathroom drawer: OLAY Regenerist Filling and Sealing Serum. I loved this when I first used it, but as a declared beauty junkie, I kept buying other primers and sealers. Well, after using them and being mostly disappointed, I again reacquainted myself with my old fave and I have to say it works better than all of them! Best part? It's relatively cheap and easily available at the drugstore so no trips to Ulta or Sephora or the dept. store needed!

Ageless Beauty Video Tip: Firm up saggy arms easily

See this video tip I prepared after discovering a way to increase the skin firmness on my arms and elbows...

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Ageless Living: PGX fiber?

I'm trying the PGX Daily fiber stix that Dr. Oz touted on his show a week or two ago. I don't know, but what could he mean that he drinks these daily? The damn things just refuse to dissolve and you end up with a sludgely glass of tapioca. ICK!

I've tried mixing them in everything, and so far I can only tolerate them in smoothies, but even then you get a little gel-pearl here and there. I won't be re-ordering this particular fomulation.

Just FYI...

Ageless Tip: Don't get caught doing too much

OK, ladies, here's the deal: When you do too much it just makes you look older!

For example, if you're over 40 and your face has ZERO lines, it's pretty obvious you're doing something (filler, Botox, etc.). But if you're practically line-free, but have a little line here or there, you just look more youthful. Period. Even 20-somethings have some lines here and there. Erasing every line make you look plastic and desperate.

I'm sure that's not what you're going for when you hand over the hundreds to the dermatologist. Don't overdo and you'll look even younger!
Doing it right...she looks natural
No, no, no...way too much, looks forced
Just my opinion...

Ageless Beauty Tip: Cheap Wrinkle Reducer

Like Frownies? Me too, but they can be pricey, especially if you use them often. I  have found a cheap alternative that I've used for years: Medical tape. You can buy it at your local drugstore (get the plastic, waterproof kind--the paper kind creases and actually can give you wrinkles!).

Just apply your anti-wrinkle cream or overnight cream (be careful with exfoliating or retinol creams--don't use the tape the nights you use those). After applying cream, let it sink in a few minutes, then just apply a strip of the tape over lines, like forehead wrinkles. When you wake up, splash your face a few times with warm water and then just peel them off. Voila! You will have a lineless forhead.

You can also wear these around the house -- they are clear so you don't see them so easily like Frownies. Also, wear them whenever you do activities that may cause more wrinkles or expressions like working on the computer (furrowed brow) or reading.

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