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Mini Clareblend Review: Does microcurrent have to hurt to work (get results?)

Does microcurrent have to hurt to work (get results?)
When I first got my MINI, I didn't get zapped.
This crap thing doesn't work, I thought.
Until I kept at it, did my face, and looked in the mirror.
I could literally see and feel firming, toning and lifting.
Say what, now?
It doesn't zap me and it actually works?
I'd heard good things.
I'd done my homework and bought it.
But no zap?
None at all?
That can't be right.
Yet, I continue to use this little tool, get results and feel nothing...but pleased.
I do still use my NuFace Mini.
I like it.
I like that it's cordless (take note Clareblend).
However, the other day I used it and while I had my entire face prepped with conductor, I didn't put any on my nose. Obviously.
And I accidentally touched the NuFace to my nose edge.
Zap city.
So, although I still  use it now and then, I almost always plug in the MINI and use it.
I prefer no zap to zaps.
Just me.
Also, I continue to enjoy the fact that it really lets me target my eye…