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How to beat the bloat: Three tips that work for getting rid of belly bloat

1. It's not rocket science, it's just water retention. I used to enjoy a nightly snack of Cheezits. You know the little buttery cheesy crackers. I went for two years eating them nearly every night (around midnight) and then wondering why in the heck I could not get rid of the pudge. Duh! Now that I've gone (mostly) gluten free and given them up (yes, I do miss them), I don't wake with pudge that won't budge. It's not a perfect plan, but it has worked for me. What do I eat instead? Well, I try not to eat at all late at night, but when I must have something, a few rice crackers or small bowl of plain, lightly salted popcorn works. 2. Drink a smoothie a day. Not a junk-food smoothie from a place where frozen yogurt is included in most of the offerings, but a real yogurt, green powder, protein powder smoothie. Here again, I've given up whey protein or veg protein. They whey made me bloat. If you drink one a day with real yogurt (try to keep the sugar to a minimum…