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Non-Surgical, No Injection Natural Lip Plumpers

Here's the thing: When we get older our lips get thinner, droopier. It's natural. It's also very demoralizing when you go to put on lipstick or gloss and see a thin line of crepey, dry skin where your lips used to be!

Three things I do to naturally plump up my lips. If you do them consistently you'll see results. It does not happen overnight, but it will help since they all increase circulation and blood flow to the area.

1. Massage your lips and the surrounding area nightly. This doesn't mean rub and tug; it's a gentle massage. You can sort of pluck/pinch your lips and the surrounding tissue to increase blood flow.

2. Exfoliate your lips weekly (at a minimum) with a nice sugar scrub. You can buy one or make one (just Google it for a million different recipes). I use the one by Suzanne Somers. It's natural/organic and I like it. This will keep your lips moist and keep lines away plus the extra manipulation helps blood flow to your lips.

3. Stretch them. Loo…

The Makeup Expert Share Tips: Celebrity Makeup Artist & Beauty Editor Ashley Gomila

Celebrity Makeup Artist & Beauty Editor Ashley Gomila shares her tips on how to achieve the perfect glow as seen on her client Supermodel Nina Agdal. 

With three easy steps you too can have the perfect summer glow.

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How to beat the bloat: Three tips that work for getting rid of belly bloat

1. It's not rocket science, it's just water retention. I used to enjoy a nightly snack of Cheezits. You know the little buttery cheesy crackers. I went for two years eating them nearly every night (around midnight) and then wondering why in the heck I could not get rid of the pudge. Duh! Now that I've gone (mostly) gluten free and given them up (yes, I do miss them), I don't wake with pudge that won't budge. It's not a perfect plan, but it has worked for me. What do I eat instead? Well, I try not to eat at all late at night, but when I must have something, a few rice crackers or small bowl of plain, lightly salted popcorn works. 2. Drink a smoothie a day. Not a junk-food smoothie from a place where frozen yogurt is included in most of the offerings, but a real yogurt, green powder, protein powder smoothie. Here again, I've given up whey protein or veg protein. They whey made me bloat. If you drink one a day with real yogurt (try to keep the sugar to a minimum…

Look Ageless with a Spray Tan: Here's How

Invest in Yourself by Learning to Spray Tan
Sunless tanning:you can get the look you want and the tan you’ve dreamed of without all the risks.It’s no wonder spray tanning has become so popular.Have you ever wanted to learn how to spray tan? Now’s the time, and with mankind’s gifts of technology and iPads, it couldn’t be easier!Instead of spending your evening burning through DVR recordings and celebrity gossip, invest in yourself, and learn to spray tan with celebrity bronzer Katie Quinn’s new tutorial manual. Katie is Co-Founder and CEO of Kona Tanning Company in Orange County, California, and for several years has been spray tanner and body makeup artist to the ultra-glamorous Victoria’s Secret Angels.Her expert tanning tips have even been used in VOGUE, SELF Magazine, and Shape Magazine.Chances are, you’ve probably drooled over her work.You just didn’t realize it.Katie’s grown used to having her tans highly visible and open for critique, and with millions of people worldwide watching …

NERIUM AD: What's it all about?

Nerium AD is a breakthrough anti-aging cream that is changing the way people live and look!

Nerium was an accidental discovery in biotechnology research. With its patented NAE-8 extract Nerium addresses the appearance of multiple concerns at once with one product and one system, including: wrinkles, discoloration, texture, pores, and aging or loose skin.

Studies have been conducted and the clinical trials have shown an average result of 30% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and/or discoloration over 30 days. Nerium offers a 30 day money back guarantee and for the months of January and February when you become a preferred customer and purchase both night and day cream for consecutive 90 days you will receive the day cream free for life!

For more information or photos of real results I invite you to view my website at