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How to beat the middle-aged weight gain (my insight)

You know the feeling: The spare tire, the inner tube, the bloat.

It doesn't go away. It ebbs and flows and you start wondering if anything ANYTHING will touch it.
I know the feeling. It sucks. It blows. It takes over some days.

I went to Napa last summer and the entire time I fought it. I wanted to eat all the great food; drink all the wonderful wine. However, I wanted to cry because I always felt bloated and big. I tried new workouts (upping my workout time to 90 minutes a day -- I was on vacation). I tried not eating this; not eating that.

Still, it persisted and I was depressed.

I took to the web. I found that a couple meds I was on (birth control and anti-anxiety (mostly for pre-PMS insomnia) were likely culprits. Those along with several other factors. After several months I feel like I finally have an upper hand. I'm not winning completely, but I have control. You hear that? CONTROL.

Here's what I've found:

--Review your meds: Very likely one or more of them is…

How to Look Better in Photos

Don't you hate when you see a bad photo of yourself? You cringe and wonder why you stood that way, why you wore than, are you really that fat?

For some simple and easy tips to look better in photos, read this article. I found it really helpful!

Look Better In Photos

100% Silk Unique Hand-Painted Scarflace Necklace

Oprah, Danny Glover & Other Celebrities in Direct Sales?

This post caught my eye and I'm doing some more research on what it is exactly (and if it's true)...

You be the judge...

Braidless Sew-in Hair Weave Class Now Has An Online Classroom

“The braidless sew-in 1HourWeave course prepares students to make their dreams come true with career in the beauty industry.  1HourWeave the original Braidless sew-in weave has done it again.
Always ahead of the curve, has created a proprietary education system based on bridge engineering, that facilitates hair weaving with no braids or glue. The online class is only $99. No license is needed to learn.

As the economy tightens even further, it has become painfully apparent that people need new ways to feed their family and make fast cash for bills. New technology that will allow a student to learn quickly and efficiently. As well as, technical skills that will follow students through out their lifetime.

Overall employment of barbers, hairdressers, cosmetologists, and even shampoo people is expected to grow at least 14 percent between 2010 to 2020, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. That's a very healthy employment outlook for those who choose to becom…

Let's Attack Cellulite: Rub Your Body

Love your Body, Rub your Body€ is particularly fun and healthy.

While it is true that detoxifying the body is one component to a cellulite reduction plan, manual massage is another component. Specifically massage techniques that help lymphatic flow. The lymphatic system is the sewer system of the body, carrying away the cells waste products and there are bodywork techniques that are very good at manually clearing the lymphatic system. Simple massage will do this to some extent.

I believe this is why the €œcellulite creams€ work. It’s not just the cream that helps, it may be the regular massage of the area that helps more. That being said, there is a really fun way to do massage for yourself that will not only help in this way, but help in changing your attitude towards your body and your self-esteem. I call it "rub your body, love your body." 

You can practice this in the shower every morning. After a few days you may feel like Venus stepping out of her shell …

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