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Review: Grow your hair and nails long and strong with these supplements

Stirring the Dark: Paranormal Short Stories REVIEW: As we age our hair gets thinner and weaker. The very best vitamins I've found for keeping my hair thick and strong are the ProCaps by Andrew Lessman: Hair, Skin and Nails formula. I've been taking these for years and one thing that I notice is super long nails. I mean, my nails grow so fast and long that I have to cut them down! This is an excellent formula for my nails. For my skin, I know when I take it I feel my skin is slightly firmer, less saggy and sallow. It may just be me, but when I don't take this supplement for awhile, I do notice it. Hair? It's really a great hair vitamin. It isn't a hard-pressed tablet (none of theirs are) and it seems to really help my hair get long and strong. I only recommend things I really can speak highly of and that I've tested significantly. If you're looking for a great supplement to keep your hair long and strong, grow your nails quickly and support your skin, this …

6 Supplements to avoid (per Dr. Weil)

See this list by Dr. Andrew Weil to see if you're taking any of these potentially dangerous supplements:

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