Housewives of OC vs. Housewives of NYC: Cotton Candy vs. Steak & Potatoes

This is just my opinion, but the Housewives of OC remind me of cotton candy. They are pretty, "pink," and fluffy with lot of whirling oh-so-blonde hair (save for Heather), plumped pink lips and lot of lashes, boobs and bling.

On the other hand, the Housewives of NYC remind me of steak and potatoes, and not just any steak and potatoes, but filet mignon and duchess potatoes.

Am I crazy? The NYC girls have their own version of fancy and fluffy, but it's definitely a bit more grounded and substantial (to me, anyway). What is the OC fascination with fakeness? I know we all want to look good, but some of them are just over the top and pretty starts to be questionable--especially when you see their kids, mothers, etc. who look like the OLD them (pre "help").

Just my opinion.

And Jersey? Definitely spaghetti bolognese!


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