Facemaster vs. NuFace vs. Ultra Renew Plus (Truth in Aging) -- UPDATED

OK, I've been meaning to do this post for awhile. As an avid "anti-aging" skincare advocate (and licensed esthetician), I am pretty good at figuring out what's what with skincare and various products. But when it comes to home devices, it's hard to tell until you actually use it.

I've used Facemaster for several years (6+), NuFace for about 5+ and Ultra Renew Plus for a few months. I feel equipped to give an unbiased review. Ready?

Facemaster, the home lifting/anti-aging device by Suzanne Somers: I still use the two-prong device and haven't updated to the newer one-hand device, but all in all, this machine isn't bad. I used for several years and found that when used weekly, I got pretty decent results. Now, here's the caveat: You need some sort of conductive serum (Ms. Somers has one to use with it). I used hers as well as others (copper serums, aloe vera, etc.). The bottom line: Use something without oil. Aloe vera seems to work fine, but I get more tingle with this than with hers so I just mix them together and it works great. It's cost-effective.

The Facemaster will give you a visible "lift" in certain areas. I found it works well on the eye area and lips to sort of plump them up bit. It's not as effective in the cheek/jowl area unless you spend a LOT of time (about 40 minutes) going over this area. Then I got a real "lifted" plumped cheek, but it was temporary. Between 1 and 5 with 1 being lowest and 5 highest, this machine now gets a solid 3 from me.

Now, the NuFace. I got this machine a couple years after the Facemaster and there are several things I love about it. It's quick. The Facemaster requires some time going over each area of the face. Plus, since I have the two-handed version, it takes both hands to do.

The NuFace takes one hand and I found that just a few slow (SLOW) passes over my cheeks/jowls, and I get a noticeable result of firmer, tighter skin. It doesn't really look "lifted," but it does look tighter and firmer so I guess that's the same thing. As far as the eye area, this machine is probably the lowest rank for that. If you need a quick "lift" and firming, then this machine is great, but for eyes, go with one of the other two I talk about in this post. Also, this machine requires a conductive gel. They sell one that is kind of nasty (thick and gloopy). Use a oil-free serum mixed with aloe vera  for good results. NuFace gets a 4 or face; 2 for eyes.

Now the newest in my home line-up: Ultra Renew Plus from the site truthinaging.com. I got this machine because I wanted something with galvanic current, LED light plus it has the microcurrent lifting capacity. 3-in1? Sounds good to me.

I have to say this is my new fave. I love how this machine does lots at once and it works great on face, jowls and eyes. I've even used it with a anti-cellulite/firming gel on my arms and upper thighs with pretty good results.

Caveats with this machine: Only available on their site, need conductive gel and the light therapy required you use eye goggles, which kind of disrupts my viewing of The Real Housewives ;)

As far as the conductive gel, this site also sells one to use with the machine. I bought it and have to say, again, it's not so great. It goes on nice, but dries quickly and gets sticky. That isn't good since the gel must remain wet to be used. I think the site owner is working on this, but for nearly $35, it's a no-go. Use aloe vera mixed with an oil-free serum (I use Loreal Age Perfect Hydra Nutrition Serum). They are both cheap and readily available at drugstores. Also, I use the Nivea No More Cellulite gel on arms/legs.

The light therapy really seems to work. There are red (anti-aging), blue (anti-acne) and green (anti-dark spots) settings. I use the red and green alternatively. I find using either near my eyes, even with the goggles, a bit much so be careful about this, but as far as the chest or face, love it!

I use these machine (not so much the Facemaster lately as it seems cumbersome and time-consuming compared with the others) weekly (I try for 3x a week) plus the TriPollar Stop (see other review on this machine) twice a month now.

It's an investment for sure, but compared to what my dermatologist offers, it's a savings. You just have to put the time in and be consistent, but they do work!


Just an FYI: I had a problem with the power cord on my Ultra Renew Plus. It kept switching off and go so frustrating I contacted the company. They didn't ask questions; they just popped a new on in the mail to me pronto. Now my device works perfectly again.

That's what I call Platinum Service!

UPDATE: 2014

I'm back using the Facemaster and NuFace (original) two or three times weekly. I find that they give the best control over muscle stimulation (especially around lips and eyes) vs. the Ultra Renew. However, the light therapy and galvanic current are still very useful!

Facemaster seems to lift my eyes, cheeks and lips while NuFace seems to tone everything and make my face less puffy/sagging (especially in the jowl area).

In my opinion, you need at least one muscle stimulator (microcurrent) and possibly the galvanic current (drives product deeper into the skin). The light therapy is nice, but takes forever to see results.


Learn more about this powerful little machine!


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