Beauty Product - Honest Review: NIA24 Mineral Sunscreen

Beauty Review: NIA24 Mineral Sunscreen

NIA24, Niacin powered skin therapy. 100% Mineral Sunscreen. UVA/UVB/SPF 30

DESCRIPTION: Physician recommended duo-action sun damage prevention and 100% mineral sunscreen in a weightless, oil-free lotion that absorbs instantly for complete protection. Suitable for sensitive skin.
Review: This product was a sample included in my Test Tube from New Beauty (great magazine and website). I likely would have never tried it due to the fact I’d never heard of it and the product packaging is a little dull. (I like a pretty package, I guess.)

I received this with its companion product, NIA Strenthening Complex Repair Cream. I took them on a trip up to Scottsdale (major sunshine and dryness) since they were trial-sized and easy to pack. After a late night of the Phoenix Art Walk, dining and cocktails, I used the Repair Cream before bed. The next morning, I showered and used the sunscreen then makeup. Wow! My tired skin looked great. This stuff made my skin look luminous (and believe me, I was not feeling luminous). My guy even commented on how good I looked. This was BEFORE my coffee.

Needless to say, upon returning home I immediately went online and purchased the set. I use them faithfully. I do criss-cross with other products (I am a product junkie, after all), but almost none of them give me the even-toned luminosity of these products. Plus the major sunscreen quality which I need living in the sunny desert. I’m sold. Good stuff!

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