Can women over 40 do a smokey eye makeup look? (Celeb misses)

Sometimes I see women my age and older/slightly younger (like Heidi) doing makeup that just shouldn't be done any longer. They are beautiful and this is no means a bash to them, but maybe just a telling lesson to the rest of us who wonder: Can I still do a smokey eye?

The answer is usually a resounding NO. At least not the typical smokey eye. You can still do a "semi smokey" eye with softer colors and less lower lash liner.
See how her eye gets "pulled downward" with the dark liner on the bottom?
Also, the darkness creates shadows under her eyes (no one wants that!). The picture above makes her look more youthful and pretty.

Another one who should give up the smokey eye already! Pam, you're well over 40. It's just making you look tired and haggard. I think a softer grey would be nice instead of that harsh black. Just my opinion.

Two who are doing it well:

Very pretty and natural. She is obviously wearing makeup; it's not wearing her! Note the lip color which is key in making her face really come alive! Also, no heavy under-eye liner!
This works because she is not wearing heavy under-eye liner, but she is wearing a nice lip color and blush and note the dewy look of her skin.

Women: Wear some color on your lips. Not too dark, but not beige or too neutral which will just wash you out. Make sure it has some berry, pink or coral in it to really brighten your face.

MAKEUP ARTIST TIP: Mix a little oil (see my other post on a cheap Argan oil I love) with your moisturizer or foundation for this dewy look!

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  1. I can still do a Smokey Eye Makeup with softer colors and less lower lash liner.

  2. I believe that not only smoky eyes suit everyone, and all eye shapes, but this technique helps to lift a hooded, droopy eye, making it perfect for women over 40. Agatha Singer has got quite a detailed article about different eye makeup for women over 40, you may read it here . Hope you'll enjoy reading her simple but so stunning tips!


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