Super cool and the latest technology: IPKN Vibrating Auto Puff Makeup Application

OK, I love the new stuff, new technology in makeup and new ideas. So a couple of years ago when vibrating mascara came out, I got me some. I love it. I remember telling a friend I used it and she looked at me like I was crazy. I said "It really does apply mascara better!"

Anyway, fast forward to now and I just discovered the coolest new thing: A Vibrating Auto Puff that literally sweeps your foundation on like it's air-brushed. It's super smooth and looks more natural than even air-brushed (in my opinion).

IPKN has caused a buzz in Korea and is now expanding into the North American market. IPKN is a make-up applicator that comes in the form of a vibrating auto puff that’s used for the application of foundation. The vibrating auto puff is easily used as a handy make-up tool for light and long-wearing coverage and provides even coverage without any visible streaks to the face.

The applicator has an 8 in 1 function (Primer, Sunblock, Base, Foundation, Powder, BB Cream, Packed, Make-up Fixer) and requires no assembly. By dabbing compact foundation with the applicator and turning on the switch located below the puff, the applicator vibrates and allows for smooth coverage around the face and T-zone.

Groovy stuff. They are expanding into US so check it out at:


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