Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Microcurrent At Home - Why the MINI beats NuFACE, FACEMASTER and others

I've used several tools over the years...

Suzanne Somers FACEMASTER



High Frequency (DERMAWAND)


Plus countless skincare creams, serums, and other "magic potions"

But honestly, I'm in LOVE with my MINI

I know, I have to say that because I sell them, right?


I honestly love it.

It is, hands down, the BEST little firming tool I've ever used. That is why I promote it and recommend it completely.

Now, is it perfect?


I don't like that it doesn't  have a battery-option.

I always need to be near a plug to use it.

It also has a cord - a nuisance, but not a biggie.

No power levels, either. But I usually only use high, so it doesn't really matter.


It works.


End of story.

It works fast and I SEE RESULTS right after using it.

Plus, it lasts.

The results stick around for a couple of days.

No, not permanent, but a nice lasting effect.

NEXT ISSUE ... why the MINI beat the NUFace

Get the MINI and Save $50 right now

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