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Does microcurrent have to hurt to work (get results?)

Does microcurrent have to hurt to work (get results?)
When I first got my MINI, I didn't get zapped.
This crap thing doesn't work, I thought.
Until I kept at it, did my face, and looked in the mirror.
I could literally see and feel firming, toning and lifting.
Say what, now?
It doesn't zap me and it actually works?
I'd heard good things.
I'd done my homework and bought it.
But no zap?
None at all?
That can't be right.
Yet, I continue to use this little tool, get results and feel nothing...but pleased.
I do still use my NuFace Mini.
I like it.
I like that it's cordless (take note Clareblend).
However, the other day I used it and while I had my entire face prepped with conductor, I didn't put any on my nose. Obviously.
And I accidentally touched the NuFace to my nose edge.
Zap city.
So, although I still  use it now and then, I almost always plug in the MINI and use it.
I prefer no zap to zaps.
Just me.
Also, I continue to enjoy the fact that it really lets me target my eye…

The Battle Between CLAREBLEND MINI and NuFace (Outcome Results) Which is the better home microcurrent machine?


1. It's cheaper

2. Nodes are smaller

3. More effective (in my opinion)

OK, let's talk about why the MINI beats the NuFace.
First, it's cheaper. The regular NuFace costs several hundreds of dollars. Even the "mini" version is $350++.

The MINI is just $359

But not for you, oh dear subscriber.

For you, it's just $299

But, you knew that already, right?


The nodes are smaller and fit oh-so-well under the lips, eyes and cheekbones on the MINI.

the NuFace nodes are rather large and you have to buy more attachments (!!) to make them fit well under the lips and eyes.

I'm not sure what the reasoning is for this, but it seems like just an overall firming/toning device vs. a selective area device.

I prefer the latter.


My MINI and my NuFace work pretty consistently to get a firmer, toned look fairly quickly.


With the Mini, I get no zaps, pain or sting.


The NuFace will zap you good if you don't have enough of the th…

Microcurrent At Home - Why the MINI beats NuFACE, FACEMASTER and others

I've used several tools over the years...

Suzanne Somers FACEMASTER



High Frequency (DERMAWAND)


Plus countless skincare creams, serums, and other "magic potions"

But honestly, I'm in LOVE with my MINI

I know, I have to say that because I sell them, right?


I honestly love it.

It is, hands down, the BEST little firming tool I've ever used. That is why I promote it and recommend it completely.

Now, is it perfect?


I don't like that it doesn't  have a battery-option.

I always need to be near a plug to use it.

It also has a cord - a nuisance, but not a biggie.

No power levels, either. But I usually only use high, so it doesn't really matter.


It works.


End of story.

It works fast and I SEE RESULTS right after using it.

Plus, it lasts.

The results stick around for a couple of days.

No, not permanent, but a nice lasting effect.
NEXT ISSUE ... why the MINI beat the NUFace

Get the MINI and Save …

Night Facial Oil Recipe for Anti Aging - Natural Organic Skincare - Make your own skincare oil blend

If  you're not using oil at night (over the age of 39), you're missing out on a wonderful, deeply nourishing, inexpensive and natural moisture solution for aging skin. I often use a serum and then pat a light oil on top. My skin is super soft and (relatively) line/wrinkle free. I highly recommend this recipe. Once you buy all the ingredients, you'll have enough to make numerous batches. Use Lavender scent only if you like -- you can use others or none at all. Get all ingredients at: Sleep is regenerative for our minds, bodies, and skin. This Good Night facial oil blend is designed to help nourish your skin while you sleep so you can look your best when you wake! Equipment You'll Need ·Mixing bowl or bottle ·Measuring items

FREE Microcurrent Training - At Home Firming of Lips, Eyes, Jowl, Jaw, Cheeks

Microcurrent at Home: Is it really possible to lift and tone your face? An Esthetician's take on NuFace, Clareblend Mini, At Home Devices

Is it possible to really lift and tone your face at home?
Of course, many gadgets now exist and are pletiful on the market.
However, price and convenience are considerations.
Plus, the fact that many are made overseas and often arrive without coherent instructions, ability to return if malfunctioning or just not of the quality you would hope for.
NUFACE - FACEMASTER - MYOLIFT - LYFT  are just a few of the well-known brands and devices that will help you
your face, eyes, jowl/jawline, nasolabial, forehead, etc.
I've tried two of them (actually three, but LYFT was under another name/distributor).
All work just fine and each have their caveats. Let's first talk about:
Readily available Made in USA Heavily marketed Lots of online "training"
Rather pricey Heavily marketed (yes, pro and con) Issues with item (see below) Add-ons required to do certain parts of the face (more $$$$)

I have had a NUFACE, first a full -sized and now a MINI.

I enjoyed the fi…

HGH over 40 - A viable supplement for anti-aging?

An Anti-Aging HGH Item Exclusive

Anyone that has actually ever been seriously concerned with aging has probably explored the worlds of an anti-aging HGH item. HGH or Human Growth Hormone, is a hormonal agent utilized by the body to promote advancement. The hormonal agent is particularly linked to development, and the advancing modifications that trigger a child to progress to their adult years.

What does HGH have to do with anti-aging, and why would someone make an anti-aging HGH item? It can particularly target metabolic body functions, and help control our body's response to keeping fat, suggesting the use of HGH can trigger a boost of metabolic function, and an accelerating of fatty breakdown.

The Reason Behind It

Why make an anti-aging HGH product? Since people desire to look and FEEL more youthful, the answer you will most likely hear when you ask somebody is. Numerous studies show that HGH can produce this effect to a good degree. In the last few years with the improvement of me…