Monday, April 8, 2013

Clueless Advertising for the Boomer Generation: My response to a HARO query


Media Outlet: Fifty Plus Advocate newspapers

I'm seeking comments from advertisers and sociologists on why it
seems that major marketing advertisements aimed at people 50 and
older tend to show their perspective customers in the decline of
life -- needing a drug to have sex or just get through the day,
added health care coverage, electric wheelchairs to get around
-- anything but the vibrant lifestyle many of them continue to
lead well into their 70s, and in doing so, are losing the chance
to attract a sizeable market from a huge section of the
population, many who have more disposable income than the
younger audience that tend to be marketed to in much greater


I couldn’t agree more with your post! I am a Boomer myself (just barely) and do NOT, respond to the feeble advertising of today’s marketing gurus who likely don’t have
a very, shall we say, expanded concept of what it’s like to be a Boomer in today’s life. Most are incredibly active and vital, and with the advent of shows like Dr. Oz to stay informed, many are healthier than ever.

I am not an expert advertiser, however, I do run two sites for “ageless living” as well as a Boomer Meet Up group so I know a thing or two about the subject. My chief instincts are that:

--The advertisers/marketers are younger (under 40) and just not in touch with the reality of today’s more mature individual, preferring to see them as some clich├ęd version of a grandparent (grey hair, elastic waist pants and groaning to just get up out of a chair). 

--Advertisers are stuck in the mindset that if you reach 45+, you are therefore on your way out and stuffing your money in your mattress vs. spending it. Not smart.

These are my “two cents” worth as a successful entrepreneur, both online and off, and just hitting my 50s.
----------What do you think?

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