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How to Firm and Tone Your Eye Area Using Microcurrent - Hooded Eyes

How to Firm and Tone Your Eye Area Using Microcurrent


hi there I'm Karen with ageless beauty
Pro and I am going to give you just a
little quick tutorial on using your
Clareblend mini around your eye area.

First thing I'm going to do is take a
little bit of my conductive gel and
gently dot it all around my orbital area.

I just need a little bit because I'm going
to reactivate it with my mist so I don't
have to really glob on a ton of
conductive gel.

I just need enough to do

the treatment and I like to use a nice
enriched conductive gel that I make
myself or you can find them that are
pre-made that have some really good
active ingredients in them.

So I'm going 
to start with the mini.

 I've got my 
conductive gel on; add a light mist.

 I use a 
rose water mist or a really nice peptide
mist or a stem-cell mist or just even a
purified water mist. I really like the
rose water mist it smells amazing.

I'm going to do is start on the inner
corner here pull it all the way around
the orbital bone set and come all the
way up.

Okay you want to maintain contact

the entire time and move slowly okay all
the way around and then up and up the
forehead and this shows your muscles
really what to do.

You know you want to 
have them go all the way around now
instead of digging in here I kind of
like to lay it flat like this and come
around and then I do like to kind of put
the probes right on my
eyebrow and bring it up.

You can start 
above your eyebrow- that is what's
recommended- I start just below because I
have such a high eyebrow and this kind
of really helps to get rid of that a
little bit of a "poochie" pocket that you
get if you've got hooded eyes like mine.

Then I show the muscles where
they're going up okay so this you can
you can use it this way where both
probes are attached or lay it flat like
that and just a few more around.

Now this 
does not hurt or zap me at all even in
the very sensitive eye area and that is
something that's very different that I
found versus using some other home
microcurrent systems.

If you don't 
have a ton of conductive gel on and even
if you do sometimes in the in the
sensitive areas are on the lips and the
eyes you really feel a zap the other day
I was using a different one and I didn't
have any conductive gel of course on my
nose and I accidentally touched it to my
nose and you know I really realized "wow"
this is a different system than the mini!

I can touch this one no conductive gel and there's no pain
whatsoever so and you almost think well
this thing's not doing anything
you kind of do until you look in the
mirror and you realize oh yeah okay it
is working.

And also especially when you

work your cheek bone area and your lips
you almost feel like you're going like
like that you can you can feel your
muscles like pulling up when you do this
on one side versus the other.

You really 
feel that side kind of going like lifted
you feel like you know Joker but you don't look that way you just you just realize that you're lifted on that side.

So that's what I do with the eye area go
around several times you can stop
um ... I don't know that that's really
mandatory you do have to keep you a
conductive gel nice and moist
you know ... damp but just work that

It's so relaxing you know as

you do it you sometimes I do it when I
watch TV at night it'll you know turn on
some show just do this for a half an
hour you know okay hit my face really
good and then I don't have to do it for
a couple of days you know and then when
I do that and it's really got a great
lift and my muscles are really well

Then if I I don't have time and

I'm going out or I'm going somewhere I
can just get it out and use it for 5-10
minutes maybe just zap all over my face
and my muscles will immediately remember
where to go and spring into action it's
not as good as a full-on treatment but I
will get some firming and toning and
lift before I put my makeup on so then I
don't feel so much like I have to do all
this you know camouflage work with my

So that is how you work your eye

area and get a left you I like to hold
it there this eye is already higher so
usually if your face is a little
asymmetrical in areas you can work 
certain areas and really work to get
that you couldn't even work it this way
holding your mini and moving it up like

I really like the mini because

the probes fit around my muscles so well
that I really feel I can customize my
treatment even more so than some of the
other machines that I've used.

So that's 
how I use my mini around the
I area to get a nice lift and a nice
smoothing and kind of reduce that under
a little crescent moon that we get that
that starts to form.

That's how I use the mini in the eye
Thank you for watching!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

At Home Microcurrent - Defining Your Jawline (What Works?) + Joan Crawford Beauty

I'm a big time (BIG TIME) old movie fan (yes, they call them "classic films" now). 

The other day I was doing a microcurrent treatment and watching Miss Joan (above) and thought to myself "Wow, Joan would have loved one of these babies!" 

If you know anything about her, she was uber-vain and likely always on the lookout for something to keep her looking young (hey, aren't we all?)

My Esthetician Tip: 
How to define your jawline (honestly):
A few months ago I noticed I was getting jowly. Not a fun thing to notice.
I tried doing even more microcurrent.
I tried adding RF. I tried using some galvanic and some high frequency treatments.
Of course, they all helped, but nothing...I mean nothing...made a difference like this.
I know you've probably heard about "fascia blasting" and "face blasting," but this isn't that.
Not exactly, anyway.
Fascia release is a very gentle and super remarkable way to remove fatty deposits, release wrinkles and tightness and give you a smoother, more relaxed face.
I'm going to do a video and article about it and how to do it properly to really define your jawline (among other things).
Stay tuned...
By the way, I don't generally recommend those blasting devices as they have pros/cons, but that's just me.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Best Home Microcurrent Machine Over 40 - Esthetician Tips - How to Look Younger with Home Gadgets

Best Home Microcurrent Machine - How to Look Younger - Skincare Over 40 - Esthetician Tips

Tired doing that "face pull up" where you see what you looked like 20 years ago?

Well, get that effect in just 15-20 minutes...and make it last!

Of course, this IMO best home microcurrent machine will give you a lifted toned look that is just temporary, but done consistently, it can last and make your looking in the mirror a bit less cringe-worthy!


Available through licensed professionals only

Save $50 right now
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Licensed esthetician, State of Arizona


Monday, May 14, 2018

Lose Belly Fat After 50 - A simple mocktail to drink before meals that helps you lose weight

Remember the old movies where everyone who came home from work would go the "drink cart" and mix up some martinis, an old fashioned, or even straight bourbon and have a cocktail before dinner?

By simply everyone it was usually men who came home from the office and their doting wives would have a cocktail ready and waiting. And the men would grab the paper and sit, fully suited, mind you, in the overstuffed chair waiting to be called to the meal?

Things are a bit different today!

Rushed lifestyles, women working and the entire family's schedule to keep straight has certainly diminished those oh-so-leisurely rituals.

Time to sit and chat with a pre-dinner cocktail? Every night?

Not quite.

However, an old cocktail item has resurfaced as a wunder-fix for revving up sluggish metabolisms and cutting cravings.

READ: Helps you lose weight!

What is it?

Bitters! I've you've never heard of them, do a little research. They are essentially a concentratted flavor extraction of herbs, seeds, roots and bark that originiated in the 1800s as a medicinal elixir.

They are often used in flavoring cocktails and come in a variety of flavors.

Having a soda water or seltzer with a few dashes of these intensely flavored liquids are what researchers now are finding help stimulate the flow of bile (ick) which helps break down dietary fat, detoxify the liver and support thyroid function.

And, as a nice little bonus, they can help cut sugar cravings and keep your appetite under control.

Plus, they rev the metabolism up to 53%.

I'm all for revving a metabolism in such a simple and unique (healthy, too?) way.

Sip this mocktail 30 minutes prior to meals.

Sitting with your partner and discussing their day while in heels and pearls is optional.


Angostura bitters are extremely concentrated, not drunk alone and though 44.7% alcohol by volume, bitters are not normally ingested undiluted, but instead are used in small amounts as flavoring. Angostura bitters are a key ingredient in many cocktails.


  1. Cut sugar cravings
  2. Relieve gas and bloating as well as occasional heartburn
  3. Encourage digestive enzymes, bile & HCL production
  4. Calm upset stomach and relieve nausea
  5. Increase absorption of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, K
  6. Help maintain healthy blood sugar levels
  7. Balance appetite

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Mini Clareblend Review: Does microcurrent have to hurt to work (get results?)

Does microcurrent have to hurt to work (get results?)

When I first got my MINI, I didn't get zapped.

This crap thing doesn't work, I thought.

Until I kept at it, did my face, and looked in the mirror.

I could literally see and feel firming, toning and lifting.

Say what, now?

It doesn't zap me and it actually works?

I'd heard good things.

I'd done my homework and bought it.

But no zap?

None at all?

That can't be right.

Yet, I continue to use this little tool, get results and feel nothing...but pleased.

I do still use my NuFace Mini.

I like it.

I like that it's cordless (take note Clareblend).

However, the other day I used it and while I had my entire face prepped with conductor, I didn't put any on my nose. Obviously.

And I accidentally touched the NuFace to my nose edge.


Zap city.

So, although I still  use it now and then, I almost always plug in the
MINI and use it.

I prefer no zap to zaps.

Just me.

Also, I continue to enjoy the fact that it really lets me target my eyes, lips and under the cheekbones better than the NuFace.

Those probes are so large they cannot really get under the muscle, where microcurrent really works best.

Yes, it firms and tones.

Yes, it'a also more pricey and far more prettily designed.

But it's not superior.

In my opinion, as a licensed skincare professional, it's just not.

Making the decision on which home microcurrent to use can be confusing.

~This one is popular, available on amazon and also one of the shopping channels.
~This one is European (so it must be better, right?)
~This one is more expensive.
~This one is less.

It's frustrating!

For targeting your eyes, without purchasing an add-on component, the Clareblend really works well.

How long does a treatment last?

Generally, any microcurrent treatment will last a couple/few days. Usually 2, 3 maximum. So doing a treatment every couple of days is great.

The treatment results are cumulative albeit temporary.

What does that mean?

It mean that your results will build slightly each time so you'll get a more toned appearance. But...just like going the gym, you must do it consistently to keep up those tones muscles.

Think about it, why would muscles in your face be different than muscles in your body?

They aren't!

More questions?

If you have questions about microcurrent and machines, pop me an email and 
I'm happy to answer.

Also, you can pick up a quick $50 savings right now

Just go to:

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Battle Between CLAREBLEND MINI and NuFace (Outcome Results) Which is the better home microcurrent machine?


1. It's cheaper

2. Nodes are smaller

3. More effective (in my opinion)

OK, let's talk about why the MINI beats the NuFace.First, it's cheaper. The regular NuFace costs several hundreds of dollars. Even the "mini" version is $350++.

The MINI is just $359

But not for you, oh dear subscriber.

For you, it's just $299

But, you knew that already, right?


The nodes are smaller and fit oh-so-well under the lips, eyes and cheekbones on the MINI.

the NuFace nodes are rather large and you have to buy more attachments (!!) to make them fit well under the lips and eyes.

I'm not sure what the reasoning is for this, but it seems like just an overall firming/toning device vs. a selective area device.

I prefer the latter.


My MINI and my NuFace work pretty consistently to get a firmer, toned look fairly quickly.


With the Mini, I get no zaps, pain or sting.


The NuFace will zap you good if you don't have enough of the thick, goopey gel (conductive agent) applied.

You must use a conductive agent with either, but I use a good-for-the-skin thinner mixture with my MINI.

Either way, using a conductive gel is a must.

However, I can target areas of my face with the MINI (I cannot with the NuFace).

I also seem to get a tighter, firmer jawline with the MINI.

Maybe it's in my head, but I actually see better results (and no PAIN) when I use the MINI.

Three good reasons (I think).

I almost always opt for it vs. picking up the NuFace these days.

Although the NuFace is cordless, which I love.

Hopefully CLAREBLEND who manufactures the MINI will pick up on that and make a cordless version.

Of course, all of this is my opinion.

I'm a licensed esthetician and skincare afficionado, so I guess I do have some "street cred" on the topic.

Neither is a replacement for a good, in-treatment session with an experienced technician.

However, both are great for maintaining results. I just happen to feel the MINI edges out the NuFace.

Yes, I sell the MINI (available through licensed estheticians). But I could offer affiliate links to the NuFace.

Honestly, I just prefer the MINI.

It's not as slick or well-designed. It's not heavily marketed. It's got its drawbacks (see my previous post). 

It just seems to truly work better for me.

Either way, if you have used both, what do you think?

How to Firm and Tone Your Eye Area Using Microcurrent - Hooded Eyes

How to Firm and Tone Your Eye Area Using Microcurrent SEE VIDEO: VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: hi there I'...