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Why Should You Choose an Organic Moisturizer

Why Should You Choose an Organic Moisturizer

This is currently the craze in beauty products. There are several criteria that one needs to check to ensure that they have the correct product on their dressing table. There are organic moisturizers for skin and hair.

The role of a moisturizer is to attract moisture and create a barrier that protects the moisture that is already there. You thus protect your skin from losing moisture and on the same layer use the moisture it has optimally.

A moisturizer has basically two components namely emollients and humectants :
- Emollients make skins smoother.
- Humectants hold the skin Moisture.

An organic moisturizer is packed with natural antioxidants, vitamins and other natural ingredients to keep the body supple, and the skin youthful and young.

Organic moisturizers are generally pocket friendly. They don't cost a leg to purchase because their production cycle is relatively short

Country of Origin
This is very important because not all countries who claim to produce organic products do so. The term organic is generic and is thus defined differently from country to country. Ensure the country of manufacture adheres to general norms of organic farming.

Size/ Quality of Product
Most organic products are usually small in size and the quality and ingredients clearly stated on the product.

It is imperative that one buys a well known brand. You can easily follow up the ingredients used from a well known brand.

Skin Type
You need to pay keen attention to your skin type to ensure you have a moisturizer that is friendly and supportive to your skin texture, dryness, oiliness and color.

Organic moisturizers usually come with different ingredients, this include but not limited to the following :
Aloe barbdensis, Rose Distillate, Chinensis Simmondsia, Punica Granatum, Hyaluronic acid, Camellia sinensis

Organic moisturizers are manufactured using organically grown ingredients which include aloe vera and charmomille.

These moisturizers are also not tested on animals neither are they added chemical/synthetic additives and fragrances present in other products.

They have different natural moisturizers for different skin types
They don't contain chemicals like phthalates and parabens that have been proven to be harmful to the dermis.

They don't contain harmful ingredients.
Organic moisturizers mostly constitute natural extracts of fruits like pineapple, flowers like roses and are generally scented naturally

Provide a guard against environmental damage on the skin.

Most if not all organic moisturizers are produced in both ethical and environmentally clean settings which go a long way in safeguarding our ecosystem. They also have a long term and easily noticeable effect on the skin of users.

If you have allergies or sensitive to certain scents/ fragrance there are fragrance free organic moisturizers.

These moisturizers appeal to all age groups and there are different types which cater for different groups i.e. Children, Middle age and senior citizens.

Most moisturizers are usually therapeutically formulated to cater for most if not all skin types. They also help restore

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  1. One example of a good moisturizer with organic ingredients is the one from Image Skincare. It has antioxidants which effectively combat all the stress that regular daily activities bring.


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