Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Top Over 40 Makeup Tips: What to cut; what to keep

10 Years Younger is just a few minor changes away.
Top Over-40 Makeup Tips: 
No Powder
No Lipliner
Light pink/beige/off-white crayon/chunky pencil
No dark eyeliner
Use color: lips, cheeks, eyes
No shimmer
Moisturizer / Self Tanner
First, we’ll assume your skin is being properly exfoliated with a microdermabrasion, gentle peel, mask, etc. Also, you’ll need good moisturizer and sunscreen.
You may also wish to combine a small drop of self-tanner in your daily sunscreen. This will give your skin a nice low-key glow. Just use a drop each day or every other day. You may be able to get by without foundation if you use this method of giving your skin some “natural” color. If you decide to use the self-tanner in your sunscreen or moisturizer, be sure your skin is properly exfoliated.
A word on exfoliation: Don’t overdo it. Using a gentle cleaner daily, a mask once a week and a more intense exfoliation method (chemical peel, microdermabrasion, etc.) every 30-60 days is adequate. Over-exfoliation will only dry out and irritate your skin.
Concealer: Absolutely necessary on anyone over the age of 35. It needs to be used on the areas around your eyes, your nose and on spot blemishes/marks. First, you should use your concealer in one shade lighter than your skintone all around your eyes. Dot it on the lids, under the eyes and in the corner of the eyes. Blend it well. This will give your eye a little spotlight on which to add color, liner, powder, etc. Aging eyes have very thin skin around them. The skin becomes almost translucent and darkness under the eye and in the corner is much more apparent. The lid also is darker and therefore concealer should also be blended on the lid from lashline to brow.
You can wear foundation either over or under the foundation. It is your choice. Generally, application of concealer over your foundation will help it adhere and it won’t get wiped way while you are applying your foundation.
Next, apply a light/neutral eye pencil under your eye. It should not be a dark color such as brown or black. If you are fair, use a taupe or medium brown. If you are dark you can wear a darker liner, however stay away from black. It is too harsh and will make eyes appear smaller, droopy and tired. Medium skintones can vary between lighter and darker, depending upon the look desired.
Be sure to blend the eyeliner. You can use a blender brush or unused eyeshadow brush or swab. Make the line as close to the lashes as possible and soften it with a blender. Do not line the entire eye.

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