Thursday, June 14, 2012

Santica Lab - CELLUSCIENCE Anti-Cellulite they work?

Today I'm reviewing CELLUSCIENCE Anti-Cellulite Treatment Capsules. This is MY honest review and I am NEVER endorsed for any products I review or try. It's just me putting out what I've discovered based on my experiences.

OK... I got these  treatment capsules right from Santica Labs and started to take them. They suggest taking one three times a day and I NEVER start with recommended doses because I always want to see how something reacts to my body before loading up. Sound logical?

I took one per day for several weeks. Did I see results? Um, maybe. I seemed to have a slightly less dimpled overall appearance (legs, arms, etc.). They did seem to make me want to go to the bathroom (slightly diurectic effect) and that is what I assumed the results were I was seeing. Less retaining water = less dimpling.

Then I started taking two per day. Results didn't seem to improve much so I after a few weeks I bumped it up to three per day. This was not a good fit for me personally as I felt I was taking a lot of pills and not much more was happening regarding my lumps and bumps.

I took 3 per day for a couple weeks and started noticing massively increased breast tenderness. This may just be me, but I immediately stopped all pills for several weeks. The tenderness I describe was far beyond anything I ever experienced and I even went to my doc about it. It was a normal hormal fluctuation. Nonetheless, I went back to one pill a day several weeks (maybe even months later). This seems to be my magic number. Any more did not seem to make any more difference and even seemed to cause a bit of trouble (for me, anyway).

So they work? They do seem to help when taken consistently/daily. However, I personally wouldn't take more than one per day, maybe two. Of course every experience is different, but in the meantime, I'll stick to one daily plusd my Pycnogenol and green drinks, which DO seem to help a lot in this area!

See my green drink recipe for SUPER antioxidant power! I've noticed one of these a day really helps my skin overall and gives me great energy!

Want to see if they'll work for you? See my Celluscience TRY ME PACK offer.

Til next time...

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