Monday, September 26, 2011

i-lite Makes Me Happy!

I've never been a "dark circle girl" but as I've gotten older I've noticed that I do have a little more pigmentation in that area and when I'm's really bad! So I've searched for the best concealers out there and made a few good choices for this area.

My top pick is by Dermablend as it's creamy and really covers.

My next "budget" pick is by Revlon as it's formula is very similar (not quite the coverage) but very creamy and it works pretty well. concealer lasts forever --especially the really creamy ones-- and using a long-lasting type just cakes up and looks dry. So as I stick to the creamy ones, I have found I need something to "set" it and create a non-cakey finish. Good luck, right?

I've tried minerals and powders and all kinds of things that promise a fine finish, but as a dry-skinned, over 40 gal (who also lives in the desert, I might add), none worked. Not until I found the Laura Mercier powder. It worked very well. But pricey and hard to get.

So, until I found my newest love (well, we've been together for over a year now), i-lite illuminating veil, I thought I was stuck with one pricey choice. However, I like this even better than Laura's blend (sorry, Laura) and it's cheap and oh-so-light. whisks away those dark circles and other facial imperfections and set the concealer so it DOES NOT BUDGE.

If you have this problem and want a solution that works (I promise!), give it a try. You can get a little sample to try before you commit to a big pot...

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