The cheapest, best cellulite buster!

Ageless Beauty Tips:

The cheapest, best cellulite buster!

It's temporary (aren't they all?), but I've found two little items that truly help smooth out the skin and reduce "the appearance" of the vile scourge. They are cheap and easy to get and they work because they increase blood flow in just the right way (better than even using your own hands to do the same). I don't know why or how, but I know it works for me so I thought I'd share...

Use it every night or morning (or both). Start using it over a light fabric as it really is deceptively powerful and can cause bruising until you work up to using it on bare skin.

Bliss Slimulator... use this in the shower with a little body oil or shower gel. It works great!

Bottom your money on the creams and potions. They actually make a difference you can see!

Good luck!


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