Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Madison Reed Hair Color: Honest Review from Over 40 Woman

 Madison Reed Review:

OK, I've given several of their products a go and here is what I've found:

My hair isn't in bad shape, but it tends to go from bronde (blond/brown) to brassy. I love to wear it with some highlights but a warmer, deep base. If I choose brown of any color, it pulls very dark when I dye it, so I go with dark blonde or medium blonde.

Here's what happened:

I ordered



I wanted the light brown for roots and the Bologna Blonde (a cool, dark blonde) for rest. Venetro worked great and gave me super results. Covered the grey, left it moisturized and glossy roots. Not too dark and a good base. Loved it.

Bologna Blonde - not so much. I followed directions to a tee and it turned out dark...medium brown almost. Very disappointed. Although it was moisturized and nicely glossy, it wasn't the color I wanted. I started with a deep, carmelly (brassy) bronde and it really pulled dark.

Upon investigation, found these are 20% developers used which accounts for the fact that you cannot go super light (if dark) and they won't do much damage.  You need a developer with 30% or higher and a bleaching component to go light.

I just wanted a lighter, brighter, cooled tone.

I waited for it to tone down/wash out and then tried the gloss:

3/4 clear GLASSA + 1/4 CREMA (cool, lavender tone)

Left it on recommended time and voila! Beautiful tone, gloss, shine, etc. However, after first wash it did seem to diminish significantly.

I ordered the MIELE - honey golden for brunettes and will use this when I feel like going a bit deeper without the  permanent color.

Not sure I'm impressed enough to order more color as I can get a good quality, non chemical hair dye at my local Sprouts or Whole Foods, but I do like the glosses.

They sent me a couple TAME samples, which I haven't tried, but will.

Update soon!



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