Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fall 2013 season nail polish colors revealed!

The Gel Place Talks BGEL And Nail Polish Colors Of The Season.
Summer is in full swing and with fall right behind on its coat tails many of us are frantic in figuring out what nail polish works best and lasts the longest for us fashionistas. Because let’s face it, not everyone has time to sit in a nail salon waiting for their nails to dry!
Whether you’re a fan of  this seasons bolds or neon colors, The Gel Place provides THE highest-quality nail polish, called BGEL. BGEL is the only true one-step system. No base coat or top coat required- just one amazing gel polish! It dries in UNDER 2 minutes in the light. Can you imagine saving 15-30 minutes in a nail spa or salon without sacrificing quality?  
With 71 trendy, bold, and perfect colors, The Gel Place provides a color for anyone looking to make a statement this season. The color selection includes vibrant neon’s sparkling glitters for summer and all of the deep reds, pinks, and blues clients are looking forward to flaunting in the fall.
Each of the colors are hand picked by industry trend-watchers who have their eyes on each season's' hottest shades. The Gel Place also offers a topcoat that's ideal for flawless French Manicures. BGEL colors are guaranteed to make a statement! See more at: http://www.thegelplace.com/bgel
BGEL is unique in that it isn't going to give you another nail polish brand to choose from. Rather, they’re dedicated to providing customers with the BEST gel polish. Everything about BGEL is superior to other gel nail products, from their revolutionary medical grade formula to their specially designed brush. BGEL is gel polish done the right way. BGEL does NOT penetrate into the nails so it won’t cause any damage or yellowing.
The formula is the only one of its kind on the market. The BGEL formula is 100% solvent free, and contains no butyl acetate or ethyl acetate and is the only natural gel polish that’s safe to apply directly to nails. With BGEL’s revolutionary formula, the need for a base coat is eliminated and won’t harm the natural nail.
The Gel Place, which features this amazing polish, started their company with the idea of offering the best soak off gel products in the market. Their mission was to bring forth products that have a wide range of uses, from gel overlays, artwork, sculptures, and nail extensions. The Gel Place prides them on offering the safest gels in the market.  Over the years there have been many concerns about gel adhesives being harmful to the nail and skin and The Gel Place has sought out the best brands for the safest application for nail health.
For more information regarding this amazing nail polish and find out how or where to get your hands on this amazing polish please contact (Sales) at  1-(800) 696-7096 or via email at info@thegelplace.com To purchase BGEL nail polish, please visit The Gel Place at http://www.thegelplace.com..

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