Tuesday, August 20, 2013

REVIEW: Best all-around eye shadow for over 40 ageless eyes (beats out it Cosmetics, MAC, Tarte)

OK, I plopped down a handful of money for a new (for me) brand of eye shadow. I saw it touted on one of the shopping channels and while at ULTA the other day, I decided to splurge. The last thing I need is more eye shadow, but that's another story...

I love it Cosmetics shadows. They are sheer, buildable and not talc-y. They lay very nicely, but the range of colors is limited. I love MAC (who doesn't) but my new find is even better (in my opinion). I LOVE Bobbi Brown shadows. They are the hands-down best, but pricey and cannot be found everywhere (like ULTA). So...what is my new find?

This matte palette is perfect for over 40 eyes--no shimmer, no talc, no crepiness!
Too Faced. I know, I know, not a new brand, but although I have never really worked with it before, I'm am impressed. The shadow palette I got was neutrals all in matte, which are hard to find. They lay so nicely! Over a primer, they are divine! They last and last, too.

The palette had several shades and they are usable. They are very pigmented so I'm sure they'll last a long time. I'm thrilled.

Unfortunately, a TARTE palette I bought awhile ago didn't impress me. Is this stuff really powdery or is it me? Not highly pigmented, either. Too bad as I had high hopes.

As a side note, I got a sample of their eye shadow primer, which is perfectly fine. A solid 8 out of 10. I do use Laura Geller primer (love it--very light texture) and also a Paula Dorf primer which is heavy. I use the Dorf only when I really spend time on my eyes (a night out, for example). For an everyday primer, the Geller is my top choice!

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