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Non-Surgical Methods to Increase Breast Size

Non-Surgical Methods to Increase Breast Size

Desperately, some women having flat chest fearlessly indulge themselves in procedures that promise a striking increase in breast volume. Others would not compromise their health and rather take advantage of the affordable yet less bothersome methods to increase breastsize without surgery.

Aside from diet and workouts, a number of products that promise high success rates in upsizing breasts are rampant in the market. Moreover, they are amongst the top items of some women in their bucket list nowadays.

The innovations initiated by cosmetic firms focus on topical products and simple partially invasive procedures that will increase bust size without surgery yet with satisfying results awfully close to those crafted out of the surgeon’s scalpel and stitches. Examples of these are gels, creams, and fillers. Gels, according to claims of their manufacturers contain resins that increase adipocytes and fat stores in breasts; and phytosterol from herbal roots and soy crops that intensify the breast firmness and help produce an age- defying substance called collagen.

Meanwhile, creams like Naturaful do not only enlarge breasts, they also improve the tone and overall appearance of the breasts. They are fortified with enzymes, oils and essences that moisturize the skin and support skin renewal. It is important to take note that creams should not be applied as is; but to make them work more effectively, they have to be instituted with proper massage.

With this, absorption of bust boosting ingredients is hastened by increased blood circulation, leaving the underlying skin healthy and the breasts tighter. Circular massage using warm hands with further nipple stimulation also prompt the secretion of prolactin, a hormone responsible for bigger breasts of lactating mothers.

Another alternative means to increase bust size without surgery is through injection of fillers. Some are made from synthetic substances while some are naturally occurring in the human body such as the client’s own plasma. The breast enhancing effects of this method last for months.

To date, the most widely used, safe and affordable way that is popular even to transvestites are pills whose major components are plant estrogens that do the same job carried out by human estrogens. More often than not, results are tangible after few months of intake; although, some women show noticeable improvements in two weeks while others are left waiting longer for changes.

Employing the principle of stimulating growth of breast tissues through pressure or tension, pumps were introduced which simply work like vacuum suckers that stretch the breasts’ skin, thereby forcing the cells to swell and reproduce later on. Use this every day for at least two months and the result will be appreciated.


Available through licensed estheticians only!

The fact that the breasts are made solely of fats justifies the injection of own fat cells in your breasts for augmentation. The infusion of fats happen right after the extracted samples pass through a cleansing and purifying methods with the use of centrifuge.

In choosing the right product or method to increase bust size without surgery, it is a wise move to make a research about the products marketed. Read the testimonials of those who have already benefitted as well as the product reviews.

To enhance the effects of these breakthroughs, you can visually accentuate your busts by means of contouring with the use of makeup; using push up bras; standing with correct posture; and possessing the right amount of confidence. 


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