Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Do you need Bridal Boot Camp?

There are so many "Bridal Boot Camps" popping up everywhere for brides to get into great shape before the big day. But is it really necessary?

Here's the thing: No matter what diet comes out, what guru says what, how many trainers go on Dr. Oz to tout their new "revolutionary" program, the same things remains: It all boils down to diet and exercise.

However, there is data that proves that it's not just how much you eat, but actually what you eat that will make a difference.

For example, you could subsist on a donut, crackers and juice for a day or a week. But how will you look? Like crap, that's how. You'll be bloated and doughy and pasty. Look at those people you know who eat like that and check their skin. It's probably pasty and dehydrated. No fresh veg. No fresh fruit. Not enough water. It all equals NO GLOW.

It's not rocket science and yes, it's hard. You have to eat to nourish or you may be thin, but you'll look awful. You don't need to live on raw foods. You don't need to be a vegetarian (actually vegetarians can look pretty pasty--no rosy glow.).

The science behind WHAT you eat is pretty compelling. I know that I can eat nuts galore, but one egg will bloat me. Weird, huh? I had to do a lot of testing in my diet to figure it out, but now that I have, it's easier than ever to keep my stomach flat (and I'm well over 40). I don't do tons of exercise a day, either. I've found that working out 30 minutes several times a week is fine.

It's what I do and how I do it that matters. For example, upping the intensity works far better than upping the time I work out. Therefore, I get a good workout in 20 minutes vs. 40 doing a lower intensity exercise program.

It's a matter of what works, what doesn't and finding the best balance for YOU.

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