Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Move Over Josie Maran... Acure Argan Oil is Awesome!

I  made a great discovery and had to share...

I'll start by telling you I love oils -- I mean beauty oils, the kind that make your face, body and hair super soft and shiny but without being greasy. They include various types, but lately ARGAN is the buzz. So naturally when I saw Josie Maran and her line on QVC I was tempted to try it.

I did. I got a sampler of her items and loved the argan oil. I started by-passing all of my other creams for this oil. It did the trick quickly and well without a lot of rubbing and smoothing. I just put a couple drops in my hand, rubbed my palms together once or twice and patted it into my face, neck, chest...I was good to go!

Then, on a recent trip to Sprouts (a healthy grocery store here in Tucson), I spotted ACURE pure, certified organic argan oil. It was under $15. Yeah, right, I thought, this stuff will no-way compare to the pricey stuff Ms. Maran was selling.

But it did.

I love it! It's pure and it works just as well (maybe better) than the $80 a bottle oil Josie sells. Hers is great, no denying it. But, for the price, I'm sold on Acure.

Check them out yourself http://www.acureorganics.com/

Gosh...I hope they don't become so famous they start raising prices... :)

P.S. I also tried the Josie Maran hair oil--while it smells really nice and is very light, I'm still addicted to my pricey Kerastase gold oil. Love this stuff so much!

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  1. Try out their argan chocolate mint chapstick. It's easily the best one I've ever owned, it's my favorite and I never leave home without it.

  2. Just discovered Acure products this month. And yes, they are awesome! They are so affordable I'm don't skimp at using them. Hey, I'm 52 and the Seriously Firming Facial Serum works great. I love this brand.


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