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The history of hair and hair styling

The history of hair and hair styling

Twisty, braided or curly, styled straight or wavy, hair has been cut and styled every day, since centuries. Hair styles for men and women have been in existence since the medieval period and the Roman era. Paris, the mecca of fashion and style, had and still has its own unique fashion dictionary that the world chooses to follow. The ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, China, Rome, America, Africa, and Japan, had their own exclusive hair styles.

Traditional Japanese hairstyles make use of jeweled combs and beautiful,

Between the 16th and 19th centuries, the hairstyles of women became more elaborate and hair began to be decorated with ornaments such as ostrich plumes, flowers, ropes of pearls, ribbons, jewels, and delicate hand-crafted objects. It was sometime in the mid-18th century that the pouf became the style of choice for most wealthy women. During this time, the hair styles of men also evolved. Japanese men began to cut their hair in zangiri or jangiri styles. Slowly and steadily, Japanese women began to adopt Western styles too.   

20th century hair styles

During this time, the high bouffant and the beehive styles became very popular. The 1950s were the age of rock and roll and hair styles of both men and women were heavily influenced by the culture of pop and Elvis Presley. Hair began to be worn shorter and shorter in high ponytails. Some hairstyles were also layered cuts with short-cropped bangs. Gorgeous hairstyles began to be paired with funky accessories like big hoop earrings and bows. With girls adoring the styles of Audrey Hepburn and Gina Lollobrigida, the pixie hair cut became the rage. In America, popular haircuts of that era were most often inspired by teen idols, music, and Hollywood. The 1960s saw hairstyles becoming more elegant and graceful, and above all, natural. The male hairstyles of this era were influenced by the Beatles.

Modern hair styles

Modern hair styles range from creative and curly tresses to sleek, shiny and straight hair. Hair is either permed, or straightened using a flat iron. Bangs are a rage these days and can give you a sexy and classy look. Even today, women sport glittery ornaments on their hair. Wedding hairstyles have become more elaborate and complicated, yet they can be magnificent.

Hairstyle processes

Hair dressing includes various processes such as cutting, trimming, combing, brushing, drying, braiding, curling, and ironing. 

The hair and hair styling industry is a major industry today, generating employment for salons, spas, magazines, advertisers, and cosmetology professionals.

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