Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Let's Attack Cellulite: Rub Your Body

Love your Body, Rub your Body€ is particularly fun and healthy.

While it is true that detoxifying the body is one component to a cellulite reduction plan, manual massage is another component. Specifically massage techniques that help lymphatic flow. The lymphatic system is the sewer system of the body, carrying away the cells waste products and there are bodywork techniques that are very good at manually clearing the lymphatic system. Simple massage will do this to some extent.

I believe this is why the €œcellulite creams€ work. It’s not just the cream that helps, it may be the regular massage of the area that helps more. That being said, there is a really fun way to do massage for yourself that will not only help in this way, but help in changing your attitude towards your body and your self-esteem. I call it "rub your body, love your body." 

You can practice this in the shower every morning. After a few days you may feel like Venus stepping out of her shell as you step out of the shower! You can also do this every time you moisturize. Get some really wonderful bath gel. Pretend your hands are the hands of the best massage therapist in the whole universe for you right now. Now is time to love and appreciate every part of your body inside and out. Imagine also that your hands have angel's feathers extending from the fingers, which energetically massage you on the inside.

Massage, cleanse and love your body, especially those parts that you don’t appreciate or that give you discomfort. Also pay special attention to your feet, hands, breasts and face. Let the water and gentle cleansing breaths take all your stress down the drain. (there is a version of this for men as well). If you are consistent with this technique, don’t be surprised if you get more compliments (cellulite or not!) and feel more energized and motivated to do the things that will help you feel more healthy and beautiful.

Dr Katie Hawn Lambertville, NJ

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