Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How to beat the middle-aged weight gain (my insight)

You know the feeling: The spare tire, the inner tube, the bloat.

It doesn't go away. It ebbs and flows and you start wondering if anything ANYTHING will touch it.
I know the feeling. It sucks. It blows. It takes over some days.

I went to Napa last summer and the entire time I fought it. I wanted to eat all the great food; drink all the wonderful wine. However, I wanted to cry because I always felt bloated and big. I tried new workouts (upping my workout time to 90 minutes a day -- I was on vacation). I tried not eating this; not eating that.

Still, it persisted and I was depressed.

I took to the web. I found that a couple meds I was on (birth control and anti-anxiety (mostly for pre-PMS insomnia) were likely culprits. Those along with several other factors. After several months I feel like I finally have an upper hand. I'm not winning completely, but I have control. You hear that? CONTROL.

Here's what I've found:

--Review your meds: Very likely one or more of them is adding to your girth. Talk to your doctor, but do your own homework and read between the lines. Most docs will say birth control doesn't add weight gain (just what BIG PHARMA wants them to say). But it does in many cases.

--Review your diet. Seriously. You eat healthy, though, right? I thought I did, too, but realized that eggs really cause me to bloat. Eggs! I'm sensitive to them and can't really eat them. It's just one things I've found through lots of irritating trial and error, but at least I can control it. Do the food testing and find out what makes you bloat.

--Working out: This is where I was surprised. I actually cut down my w/o time, but seriously increased the intensity and voila! My sweet spot. I'm no fitness model by a long-shot, but I fit in my clothes and feel (fairly) good about myself most days. Who knew?

If you think working out longer is the key, re-think it. Working out for 20 minutes 3 or 4 times a week, but really pumping up the intensity might be all you need. And who has time for 90 minute workouts everyday, anyway?


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