Friday, February 15, 2013

Zumba or Zumba GOLD: Which to choose? My review at 49

I use Zumba (see my post on it on this blog). I pick and choose between the workouts with my fave being the Rush (what can I say? I like to get it over with!). I thought I'd try Zumba Gold since I'm on the brink of turning another age (let's just say over 49). I workout consistently so I wondered if it would give me the push I needed or be better for me as I age.

Here's my take:

Zumba Gold is a good workout. It has the great staging like the other Zumba, but not a "night club" scene; more of a high-end studio. It also has a fairly mature lady running it with the Zumba master (what's his name again?) and fellow participants. The lady is quite a bit older than me (and what's with those bat-eye fake lashes?) but she is in great shape and love her Zumba.

The workouts are a bit slower and definitely work with aging bodies in their cues, etc. Still, I didn't feel as challenged as in regular Zumba (nor should I). I ended up returning this set and continuing with regular Zumba (the Exhiliarate series) as I am a regular exerciser and don't feel this was really giving me the workout and sweat I sought.

That said, it would be an ideal workout for you if: 1.) you don't exercise regularaly--at any age, 2.) you are over 60 and still want a good workout, but understand you need to take things easier for your particular body needs, 3.) just want to do a Zumba workout, but mix it up. This might be a good fit for those days you want to take it a bit easier, even as a regular exerciser.

Caveat: With either reg. Zumba or the Gold, don't try it on carpet! Try to do it on a floor (mine is wood, so it works well). With any dance you can twist a knee or ankle (at any age) and really hurt yourself. Also, the right shoes are key. Anything with too much grip will NOT work. Be sure you can "slide" around a bit for the most fun and non-hurtful workout.


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