Friday, February 15, 2013

REVIEW: Best Hand Cream I've Ever Used: Eucerin

I love hand cream. I need hand cream. I live in the desert and my hands look like crepe paper without it. But the problem is, I'm also a frequent hand washer. I need cream that will do its duty. Be there for me after a day of painting, cleaning, washing...

I still love Aveda's hand cream. So lovely! So expensive! But, until recently, and after having used so many creams, I've found one that literally makes your hands silky smooth and look younger (is it possible) after just one use. And...the best part is that it's at your local drugstore.

It's the Eucerin Intensive Repair Extra-Enriched Hand Creme with Buffered Alpha Hydroxy. Have you used this stuff? Does it rock, or what? I'm seriously in love with this and cannot believe how great my hands look and feel after using it.

Until I picked this up (Eucerin is not a brand I usually buy, but on a local Target trip I did), I used Josie Maran hand cream, which smells amazing, but even the beloved Argan oil cannot compete with Eucerin.

I'm going to stock up on this and keep it everywhere and quit my elusive search for a cream that not only works, but is readily available and cheap! Love it!

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