Product Review: Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Eye Cream & Lash Serum Duo


HONEST REVIEW: Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Eye Cream & Lash Serum Duo

Hey ladies! In our quest to tighten, firm and "sculpt" our eyes at home, Olay has a new product offering. Here's my take after using it for about 4 weeks:

First, no product is going to "sculpt" our eyes at home. Not gonna happen. So, with that in mind, I do feel this is a nice product for the price. There are several seriously more pricey products out there claiming to do the same: tighten our eye area, both top and bottom. Now, this is a new thing for most eye creams. Usually you can only use them on the under eye area. Now, this cream is letting us dot it lightly on the upper lid to help firm and reduce crepey skin. Finally!

I can't say I've seem super WOW results, but I do feel it is a nice cream for the eyes and I think (think) it's helping firm my upper lids. They seem smoother and less puffy overall, so for now, I'd say it's worth the try.

The lash serum? Not really working, in my opinion. I've used it steadily about 4 nights a week (I've used the cream about 5 or 6). It didn't give me dramatic results (like Latisse did), but it didn't irritate my eyes as much either. I really hate the brush, too! It's very harsh and bristly; not soft like even a mascara even thought it's the same type of wand. I stopped using it due to harsh brush and not really much in the way of results.

Cream: Yes
Lash Serum: No

Just my opinion!


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