Burt's Bees bought by Clorox?

I just heard this (no, I do not live under a rock) ...cannot believe they would sell to a large CHEMICAL manufacturer. I think it's awful and have also heard their profits are down 'cause of it. Is it true?

The thing about natural and organic is that they must be from a believer and follower of the concept; not just a profiteer. Now I do use Clorox bleach and appreciate it for what it is. However, I will not be a fan of Burt's Bees now. Sorry. I do love a few of their products, but will not continue to purchase this line due the fact it is no longer a truly grass-roots product.

I feel this way about Stila and Bobbi Brown (Estee Lauder now owns). I know business is about profits and growth, but I still think there needs to be personality and heart in the brands I support.

Just my opinion.


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