Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Super cool and the latest technology: IPKN Vibrating Auto Puff Makeup Application

OK, I love the new stuff, new technology in makeup and new ideas. So a couple of years ago when vibrating mascara came out, I got me some. I love it. I remember telling a friend I used it and she looked at me like I was crazy. I said "It really does apply mascara better!"

Anyway, fast forward to now and I just discovered the coolest new thing: A Vibrating Auto Puff that literally sweeps your foundation on like it's air-brushed. It's super smooth and looks more natural than even air-brushed (in my opinion).

IPKN has caused a buzz in Korea and is now expanding into the North American market. IPKN is a make-up applicator that comes in the form of a vibrating auto puff that’s used for the application of foundation. The vibrating auto puff is easily used as a handy make-up tool for light and long-wearing coverage and provides even coverage without any visible streaks to the face.

The applicator has an 8 in 1 function (Primer, Sunblock, Base, Foundation, Powder, BB Cream, Packed, Make-up Fixer) and requires no assembly. By dabbing compact foundation with the applicator and turning on the switch located below the puff, the applicator vibrates and allows for smooth coverage around the face and T-zone.

Groovy stuff. They are expanding into US so check it out at: www.ipkn.ca

Honest Review: Perricone Cold Plasma Sub-D TV Offer: First Look

I am a sucker for infomercials (as you know if you read this blog!). Well, as an anti-aging diva (self-proclaimed, of course), I had to check out the Perricone Sub-D.

I used Perricone when it first came on the market and I liked it well enough, except for the price. For the price I thought it should perform mircles, which it didn't (no mere cream or serum can). So when I saw the offer for the low-priced ($40ish) set including the super firmer, Sub-D, I jumped at it.

Here's my first look:

I've used it just over a week now and honestly cannot give a full review as it would take several weeks or months to know, but as a "religious" user (twice a day), I can offer a glimpse to you.

I don't much like the Citrus Wash (never have) so I don't use it, but I do like the High Potency Facial Amine Firming serum, although have not seen much in the way of results, I will continue to use it daily with fingers crossed. The regular Cold Plasma cream is nice--very light. The No-Foundation Foundation is nice, but nothing better than the Loreal BB cream I use.

What we really want to know is...does the new "breakthrough" Cold Plasma Sub-D really tighten and lift the jawline? Well, in one week, not much. But...I have noticed a slight firming/smoothing of the decollete and neck area (a bit). I am impressed with that. It spurs me on to continue to use it twice daily, which is a lot for me as I usually use a regular moisturizer in the morning and my high-end treatment products at night only. This cream is not as lovely (in smell anyway) as the others, but not too bad. It's very light and spreads well.

I will continue to post on this to let you know if it's worth it to get involved in the monthly shipping program you submit to when you buy. For right now, it's a yes, but that could change if nothing changes!


If you want a good neck product at a drastic savings from Perricone: try Elysee (sold on HSN). The neck cream is a goodie and I think it works even better!


Monday, November 26, 2012

Best exercises for seniors

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As we age we know we need exercise more than ever. What are some of the best exercises for seniors? Read about them here...

Watch for my review of Zumba Gold coming soon...

Monday, November 19, 2012

Holiday Travel Survival Guide Tips

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Travelling during the holidays is a fact for millions. Here are a few great articles and tips to help!

Overactive bladder...a real drag for travel. Here are some tips...

Headache triggers to avoid from celebs who also suffer...read more

A few "skinny" cocktails to help you not blow your diet this year! Read more

Hairstyles to Make You Look Younger (see celebs)

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Can hairstyles take off 10 years or more?
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Thursday, November 1, 2012

What sweet and tropical fruit diminishes cellulite (per Dr. Oz guest)


I watched just a few minutes of Dr. Oz today and was oh-so-happy to hear one of the guests talking about cellulite reducers. Once is to eat several spoonfuls of lycopene-packed tomato paste (uh, no thanks...not without some pasta!). But, the other was that eating pineapple would help reduce cellulite.

Bromelein is the cause and pineapple is packed with it (well, the stem is). But eating 1.5 cups of pineapple a day (or taking 500 mg. Bromelein supplement) will do the trick. Also, she said to eat it about 1.5 hours after dinner. A great sweet treat!

See more about this episode...

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