Wednesday, August 31, 2011

REVIEW: Melt It Off Infomercial Product

Melt It Off... Does it work?

Have you seen this infomercial? Likely it's caught your eye. They say you can melt off pounds in just 3 days...but don't all of them say pretty much the same thing?
I not only got caught up watching it a few time, I ordered it and have used it for several weeks now. Here's my review:
First, I'm an active work-out person. I do it consistently for 4 or 5 days a week, about 30-45 minutes each session. I'm not in great shape, but good shape.
That said, I have used this system a few times a week. I have "melted off" a couple of pounds using it without the diet plan (I just usually watch what I eat and indulge when I must). I have used it with other workouts on altrernating days.
It's simple, not complicated and even kind of fun.
The one DVD has several workouts so you can do them as you choose.
Included are cardio and abs + 3-10 minute workouts for days you're rushed.
Includes 2 lb. weighted "G ball" for the workouts
Buying off the main site could get you signed up for monthly vitamins -- got mine on amazon to skip that.
Gets kind of monotonous--especially cardio burn workout which just repeats itself for the second 30-minute segment
2 lb. resistance gets light after awhile--need to pay extra for higher weighted balls.
Petty but still...the extras who work out with Mitch smile non-stop. Very fake.

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