Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Life After 40--- Living Well Takes a Few Calculated Measure, But Can Pay Off!

  1. Exercise is a must. I do cardio (treadmill or kick-butt w/o video like Jillian Michaels) several times a week. I do weights (I like to work my arms and need to so they don’t jiggle…much!) I’d say I spend about 30-45 minutes 5x a week.
  2. I eat/drink whatever I want…in moderation (that old saw is true…) I love good wine, cheese, margaritas, pizza…but I can only eat these things a couple times a week. Other days I eat fish, chicken, beef (a few times a month) plus veggies and salad (no carbs). I try to keep the carbs low, but I love them so I must eat them sometimes, but pay for it later.
  3. My best tip is to just cut the carbs from meals where I have protein/veggies. I eat lots of salad (I do love salad so I make all kinds to keep it interesting). I don’t eat a lot of sugar, but I do need a little during the month. I find the less I eat it, the less I want it. I do drinks lots of water and often put a splash of unsweetened cranberry juice in it (it’s tart!) for extra antioxidants and help. I take multi-vitamins and I’ve started taking fish oil because I don’t eat it as often as I should!
  4. Skincare: Absolute must! I wear sunscreen EVERYDAY (I live in Arizona). I have fair skin so I take care of it. I do glycolic peels a few times a month. I have had Thermage (don’t bother), and other laser treatments (some are good). I do get a little Botox twice a year (I hate the frozen look, but get it in the “11” between my brows). I have tried Juvederm and Restylane, too. I am a skincare junkie and try all kinds of things, but truly feel some of the best I’ve used are found at the drugstore.
  5. 1. exercise, 2. drink lots of water and eat lots of veggies (little sugar), 3. take care of the skin (protect and nourish it), 4. drink good wine and relax often, 5. laugh a lot and have love in your life (the key!)

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