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Night Facial Oil Recipe for Anti Aging - Natural Organic Skincare - Make your own skincare oil blend
If  you're not using oil at night (over the age of 39), you're missing out on a wonderful, deeply nourishing, inexpensive and natural moisture solution for aging skin.
I often use a serum and then pat a light oil on top. My skin is super soft and (relatively) line/wrinkle free.
I highly recommend this recipe. Once you buy all the ingredients, you'll have enough to make numerous batches. Use Lavender scent only if you like -- you can use others or none at all.
Get all ingredients at:
Sleep is regenerative for our minds, bodies, and skin. This Good Night facial oil blend is designed to help nourish your skin while you sleep so you can look your best when you wake!
Equipment You'll Need
·         Mixing bowl or bottle
·         Measuring items

·         ½ Cup Organic Golden Jojoba Oil
·         2 Tbsp Pomegranate Seed Oil
·         2 Tbsp Marula Oil
·         ¼ Cup Sea Buckthornberry Oil
·         1 Tsp Lavender Essential Oil
·         2 Tsp Vitamin E

1.    Add all ingredients to your mixing bowl or clean bottle and mix together. A few drops each night alone or over a serum will relax you and you will LOVE your skin.
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FREE Microcurrent Training - At Home Firming of Lips, Eyes, Jowl, Jaw, Cheeks

Microcurrent at Home: Is it really possible to lift and tone your face? An Esthetician's take on NuFace, Clareblend Mini, At Home Devices

Is it possible to really lift and tone your face at home?

Of course, many gadgets now exist and are pletiful on the market.

However, price and convenience are considerations.

Plus, the fact that many are made overseas and often arrive without coherent
instructions, ability to return if malfunctioning or just not of the quality you would
hope for.

 are just a few of the well-known brands and devices that will help you


your face, eyes, jowl/jawline, nasolabial, forehead, etc.

I've tried two of them (actually three, but LYFT was under another name/distributor).

All work just fine and each have their caveats. Let's first talk about:



Readily available
Made in USA
Heavily marketed
Lots of online "training"


Rather pricey
Heavily marketed (yes, pro and con)
Issues with item (see below)
Add-ons required to do certain parts of the face (more $$$$)

I have had a NUFACE, first a full -sized and now a MINI.

I enjoyed the first one (bought it soon after it launched several  years ago). I really thought it worked pretty well although I HATED the conductive gel they sent to use with it.

Now I have a MINI NUFACE, which I bought after my original stopped working. And here's where we run into the "quality issues" I mentioned above.

The NUFACE just stopped working one day. Granted, this was after several years of use, so I didn't really think much of it. Damn, gotta buy a new one.

When I went to buy, I noticed new sizes (why?) and prices (yikes).

I decided upon a MINI, which was purported to have the same current and power as the original size.

I have to say I do enjoy the MINI quite a lot. It's small, convenient to use and fits my face well. The larger original has very large "probes" and isn't quite the fit for me.

However...quality issue #2:

A couple months after I purchased it it stopped working. 
I turned it on one day (after charging as usual) and zip, nada, nothing.

I contacted the company.

They replied that I would need to return it and pay $100 for a fix.

Say what now?

I was not thrilled with this response (read: PISSED) and let them know how shabby I thought that idea was.

They, to their credit, changed their tune and agreed to have me return it for a free replacement.

That's more like it!

Seems there were several cases similar to mine at the time and they didn't want the bad reviews, press, bitch customers, etc.

Good idea, NUFACE!

I did return it and received a replacement quite quickly.

This has worked well since them (a few years).

Happy customer.

However, here's the issue I have with this little guy:

The probes are really too large to get into some of the areas (lips, eyes) that I would like to address.

As a licensed Etsy, I know that the wands usually used with microcurrent are designed to meet the needs of all areas of the face, including mouth, lips, eyes.

This is where the NUFACE falls short. The MINI doesn't allow you to buy the add-ons needed to do the lip/eye area properly. You must have the full sized NUFACE for this, and even then, purchase the add on probes.

Hmmm, not my ideal.


This wondrous little machine packs a powerful punch and has probes that are
delightfully small enough for the lips/mouth and eyes - no add ons needed.

Never heard of it?

There's a reason...

It's not as heavily marketed AND it's available through licensed Estheticians only.

Estys are pretty happy with this machine and are referring it to their customers to 
continue and enhance their in-salon treatments.

See my post on the CLAREBLEND MINI for more info on this great little machine to
lift, tone, firm and help define your facial contours.

Yes, it's temporary (and all microcurrent treatments are), but by doing it consistently, it
actually can help keep those results and even refine your contours.

Of course, it's not on the level of surgery, but it does make a nice, noticeable difference!

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HGH over 40 - A viable supplement for anti-aging?

An Anti-Aging HGH Item Exclusive


Anyone that has actually ever been seriously concerned with aging has probably explored the worlds of an anti-aging HGH item. HGH or Human Growth Hormone, is a hormonal agent utilized by the body to promote advancement. The hormonal agent is particularly linked to development, and the advancing modifications that trigger a child to progress to their adult years.


What does HGH have to do with anti-aging, and why would someone make an anti-aging HGH item? It can particularly target metabolic body functions, and help control our body's response to keeping fat, suggesting the use of HGH can trigger a boost of metabolic function, and an accelerating of fatty breakdown.


The Reason Behind It


Why make an anti-aging HGH product? Since people desire to look and FEEL more youthful, the answer you will most likely hear when you ask somebody is. Numerous studies show that HGH can produce this effect to a good degree. In the last few years with the improvement of medication, HGH treatments have become a growing number of commonplace, and lots of people can obtain an HGH supplement in one form or another without a doctor's permission.


All this sounds extremely appealing, and the research study into the impact of an anti-aging HGH product continues as you read this, however there is never a simple answer when it comes to the hands of time. Usage of any hormonal agent tends to have side effects, and anybody thinking about HGH treatments must become aware of the possibilities. The body is a fragile machine, if you begin adding too much of something it will probably fall out of synch.


Know What You're Using


HGH was initially made as a treatment to counter-balance those that had a deficiency of the hormone. Anybody considering an anti-aging HGH product must become thoroughly knowledgeable about its result, and some items use very little of the actual hormone, or take a natural method to its shipment utilizing small doses to eventually gain a bigger effect. Constantly consider the dosage when worrying any anti-aging HGH product as expensive of a dosage, particularly in an individual who might have additional HGH in their system already, might trigger hazardous and unfavorable adverse effects. It's a need to speak to a doctor when considering any treatment including hormones.


What does HGH have to do with anti-aging, and why would somebody make an anti-aging HGH item? In current years with the improvement of medicine, HGH treatments have actually become more and more commonplace, and lots of individuals can obtain an HGH supplement in one form or another without a medical professional's approval.


Anybody considering an anti-aging HGH item ought to become thoroughly aware of its effect, and some products utilize very little of the real hormone, or take a natural method to its delivery using small doses to ultimately gain a bigger impact. Always consider the dosage when worrying any anti-aging HGH product as too high of a dose, particularly in an individual who might have extra HGH in their system currently, could cause unfavorable and hazardous side results.
I've used some "natural" HGH builders and although not detrimental, I haven't seen amazing results (yet). I have to admit, I am inconsistent so I will be doing an HGH challenge and in 30 days do an update!
I'll be using:
Serovital (you've seen the infomercials and commercials) and an natural booster powder of amino acids.

I have found...

The Serovital is great, however, for sleep. I have found that when I use this at night, I sleep deeply and for a (pretty) good length (7+ hours).
If sleep if your issue, try both Serovital and magnesium -- both are excellent, natural sleep boosters.
To try Serovital, click here: 
SeroVital Dietary Supplement Maximum Strength Formula, 148 Capsules

How to Firm and Tone Your Eye Area Using Microcurrent - Hooded Eyes

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