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UK Has New Resource for Hot Hair + Leather Boot History

Scissor Paper Rock Mobile Hairdresser in London...check it out!

Scissor Paper Rock hairdresser is a mobile hairstylist who covers the capital. If you are always stuck at work or at home, this company might help you to keep looking good even when you are too busy or for a reason or another you cannot go out.
A mobile hairdresser is a service that you can book on the phone or online and a qualified hair stylist will come to your house. The services offered are very similar to those at your local salon, namely hair cuts and blow dry, highlights and colouring.
The mobile hairdresser is also able to offer more competitive pricing because the company does not have many overheads such as expensive rents, and business rates therefore the savings are passed to the customer who can enjoy great haircuts at lower prices.

Scissor Paper Rock hairdresser’s clients are people who are house bounds. Mums with young children often cannot go out and taking time off the house is difficult. Or people with injuries who have problem walking might also benefits from the mobile hairdresser services. Or simply some clients are just too busy to go the hair salon.
Many times people take an appointment at the local salon and they are made to wait anyway. With the mobile hairdresser this does not happen. The clients can book a time slot and the hairstylist will the there according to what was agreed. No more waste of your time and  you can carry on working.

Scissor Paper Rock Mobile operates in central London 7 days a week from morning till evening, the hairdressers are always just one phone call away.
How Leather Boots for Women Came Into Fashion

Women wore leather boots as early as the 19th century, although they did not truly become fashion at the time until the late 1960s. A decade later, their popularity in the mainstream increased, and this has been the trend ever since. In the years that followed, an appearance of leather boots in the street was perceived as a high item. All these were happening despite the ever-rising price of leather, a factor that for a while made plastic boots more popular. The demerits of this synthetic material quickly became obvious, and this made leather a material of choice for the many shoe designers. However, it was until the late 1970s that leather boots for women entered the fashion industry.
By 1977, twenty percent of women’s shoe sales in the U.S. comprised leather boots. A few years later, straight-leg designs, which were mostly worn over jeans pants, gained popularity at the expense of form-fitting leather boots. The end of 1970s saw an increase in popularity of the shortened, calf-length, leather boots, which were often worn, layered with tights and socks. Throughout the roaring 1980s, high-rise, leather boots for women saw a fall in popularity. Instead, various ankle, leather boots swayed many, so did pull-on, calf-length, and low-heel styles, which most often were paired with long skirts.
During the end the decade, the thigh-high, leather boots for women regained popularity, which were loose-fitting, low heel boots often colored. Following the explosion of the dance club culture in the 1990s, both platform-soled and knee-length boots gained mainstream popularity. Many footwear designers struggled to adapt to these trendy styles, although the mainstream fashion did not took them up. By 1993, leather boots for women became so popular that led to the declaration of the year as that of leather boots. All styles of leather boots flourished, with all designed to be worn at any time with any skirt length. The fashion leather boots, in the late 1990s, became widespread and as popular as they were back in the late 1970s. 

Any fashionable and clothes-conscious woman was bound to at least own a single pair of leather boot, most often bearing metal accents. They would wear them with knee-length skirts for business and casual wear. Ankle leather boots also maintained popularity, while in the later part of the decade of the 2000, knee-length boots were widespread in the mainstream. Thigh-high leather boots, during 2009, favourite and popular within the fashion press, and as years passed, many women preferred taller leather boots, accessorized with zippers, chains and buckles.
 In addition, western themes also joined the vogue, with the conventional cowboys boots inspired designers. All these were happening despite the ever-rising price of leather, a factor that for a while made plastic boots more popular. The demerits of this synthetic material quickly became obvious, and this made leather a material of choice for the many shoe designers. However, it was until the late 1970s that leather boots for women entered the fashion industry. However, since the late 1960, one scenario has remained constant. Leather boots for women has been and always be, in a variety of guises, be fancied by women all over the world.
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What Celebrity is Wearing Lipstick from The 80s (and pulling it off?)

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Burning feet and legs...what does it mean?

Ouch! Those weird pains can be...well, a pain! However there are a few you should never ignore. Read on...

What does burning feet and legs signal? Are you having is type of headache?

A short and informative article from WebMD that I thought I'd share...

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Best Gluten Free Brownie Mix: A Taste Test Review

I, like many these days, have had to go (mostly) gluten free. I don't have a serious health problem or Celiac, but I am affected by gluten and wheat, so I avoid when I can.

But...I love baked goods as a treat so what to do?

Try and test the myriad of gluten free mixes to find ones that suit my taste buds as well as my system. So far we've (my husband who has had to go mostly gluten-free just because that's what I bake now and he loves to eat) found a winner.

 Our winner is the Glutenh Free Pantry Chocolate Truffle Brownie Mix. This is the first "mix" I tried when baking gluten free and we were so suprised at how fudgie and decadent this was. It made some of the best brownies ever--with our without gluten.
So, when I read the GlutenFreeGoddess site and she professed to love Pamela's brownie mix, I thought I'd give it a try. At a recent trip to Whole Foods I noticed Pamela's was $2.00 more than the Gluten Free Pantry. I reasoned it must be worth it.
This mix wasn't horrible, but it was grainy and even the slightest bit salty. I used the regular brownie mix recipe (there are choices to make it cake-like, fudgie, no eggs, etc.). I did use a mix of butter and oil (unsalted) for flavor, but overall I followed it to a T.
Unfortunately, the results just didn't warrant paying extra. I'll go back to my original fave, but I'll keep trying others now and then just to make sure!
UPDATE: Just tried Bob's Red Mill Brownie Mix, followed directions exactly and it did not bake correctly! It overbaked the top (very dry and crunchy) but middle is literally still molten and running. Tasty, but what they heck?

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Does Smoking Cause Hair Loss?

Does smoking cause male hair loss? What are the reasons men lose their hair and what can be done about it? Read the WebMD article...

Friday, February 15, 2013

Zumba or Zumba GOLD: Which to choose? My review at 49

I use Zumba (see my post on it on this blog). I pick and choose between the workouts with my fave being the Rush (what can I say? I like to get it over with!). I thought I'd try Zumba Gold since I'm on the brink of turning another age (let's just say over 49). I workout consistently so I wondered if it would give me the push I needed or be better for me as I age.

Here's my take:

Zumba Gold is a good workout. It has the great staging like the other Zumba, but not a "night club" scene; more of a high-end studio. It also has a fairly mature lady running it with the Zumba master (what's his name again?) and fellow participants. The lady is quite a bit older than me (and what's with those bat-eye fake lashes?) but she is in great shape and love her Zumba.

The workouts are a bit slower and definitely work with aging bodies in their cues, etc. Still, I didn't feel as challenged as in regular Zumba (nor should I). I ended up returning this set and continuing with regular Zumba (the Exhiliarate series) as I am a regular exerciser and don't feel this was really giving me the workout and sweat I sought.

That said, it would be an ideal workout for you if: 1.) you don't exercise regularaly--at any age, 2.) you are over 60 and still want a good workout, but understand you need to take things easier for your particular body needs, 3.) just want to do a Zumba workout, but mix it up. This might be a good fit for those days you want to take it a bit easier, even as a regular exerciser.

Caveat: With either reg. Zumba or the Gold, don't try it on carpet! Try to do it on a floor (mine is wood, so it works well). With any dance you can twist a knee or ankle (at any age) and really hurt yourself. Also, the right shoes are key. Anything with too much grip will NOT work. Be sure you can "slide" around a bit for the most fun and non-hurtful workout.


REVIEW: Best Hand Cream I've Ever Used: Eucerin

I love hand cream. I need hand cream. I live in the desert and my hands look like crepe paper without it. But the problem is, I'm also a frequent hand washer. I need cream that will do its duty. Be there for me after a day of painting, cleaning, washing...

I still love Aveda's hand cream. So lovely! So expensive! But, until recently, and after having used so many creams, I've found one that literally makes your hands silky smooth and look younger (is it possible) after just one use. And...the best part is that it's at your local drugstore.

It's the Eucerin Intensive Repair Extra-Enriched Hand Creme with Buffered Alpha Hydroxy. Have you used this stuff? Does it rock, or what? I'm seriously in love with this and cannot believe how great my hands look and feel after using it.

Until I picked this up (Eucerin is not a brand I usually buy, but on a local Target trip I did), I used Josie Maran hand cream, which smells amazing, but even the beloved Argan oil cannot compete with Eucerin.

I'm going to stock up on this and keep it everywhere and quit my elusive search for a cream that not only works, but is readily available and cheap! Love it!

Burt's Bees bought by Clorox?

I just heard this (no, I do not live under a rock) ...cannot believe they would sell to a large CHEMICAL manufacturer. I think it's awful and have also heard their profits are down 'cause of it. Is it true?

The thing about natural and organic is that they must be from a believer and follower of the concept; not just a profiteer. Now I do use Clorox bleach and appreciate it for what it is. However, I will not be a fan of Burt's Bees now. Sorry. I do love a few of their products, but will not continue to purchase this line due the fact it is no longer a truly grass-roots product.

I feel this way about Stila and Bobbi Brown (Estee Lauder now owns). I know business is about profits and growth, but I still think there needs to be personality and heart in the brands I support.

Just my opinion.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Quick Tip to Firm Skin on Arms

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This tip works if you are diligent with it. Do it every day after your shower and you will see results!
See video... How to Firm Arm Skin

How to Boost Your Mood in the Morning

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Have you ever noticed that what happens during the morning hours often sets the tone for the rest of the day? When things go smoothly, you tend to feel more relaxed and ready to face whatever the day may bring. However, when things get bumpy before you’ve even managed to get dressed, you’re more likely to remain grumpy until bedtime. While some hassles can’t be avoided, you can make mood-enhancing decisions during the a.m. hours that will set the stage for the next 16 or so. We spoke with the experts and combed the latest research for 10 pick-me-ups that will have your mood rising like the morning sun. Try one (or all!) of them for a happier and healthier you.
1. Pick one “spoil-me” task to do.
When you wake up, give yourself 30 seconds to think of at least one nice thing you can do for yourself that day…and then do it. When Alice Domar, PhD, psychologist and coauthor of Live a Little! Breaking the Rules Won’t Break Your Health, was in Los Angeles for a book tour one winter, she woke up much earlier than usual. But instead of fretting about lost zzz’s, she realized with excitement that she could score some fresh fruit at the nearby farmer’s market, which would’ve been impossible if she were back home in Boston. That impromptu side trip kept her mood lifted throughout the day.

2. Eat ... (Read the full article from WebMD here...)

Smart Couponing Tips

Get some great tips on couponing!

Review: WEN Hair Oil: A must or pass?

I'm a WEN girl and have been for several years now. When I first tried it I wasn't so sure it was all it was promised to be. In other words, I didn't get the super dramatic hair revitalization that they said I would on the infomercial. Since then, I've learned a thing or two and with continued use, I'm SOLD. This is the best (and close most pricey) hair stuff I've used and I make sure I don't run out.
So...after watching countless sessions with Chaz on QVC (to see the latest deal and possibly place an order), I've learned ways to use WEN that result in great hair. However, this post isn't about that, it's about the add-on item: WEN HAIR OIL.
I pretty much by-passed this stuff for all the years I've used WEN. I'd run some through now and then, but never consistently, as I never saw the results. Then...I left it on for several hours one night and then showered. My hair was incredibly soft. Before it had felt really fried, even with my regular use of the WEN. So I dolloped a good amount of the Pomegranate Oil on and let it sit while I watched TV. After my shower I could tell immediately my hair was softer. Also, the next day it was softer than it had been in months (even though I do use the hair masque frequently).
A week later I did the same treatment again--several hours and then shower. Voila! Amazing soft and shiny hair. Where had this been before? I could not sleep in the oil (too messy), but this method seemed to work. I think that combined with my consistent use of the WEN plus the oil treatments for several hours (not just one like I'd always done before--you really need to let it sit and stew for a long time). Give it a try. If you like WEN but haven't had the results with the oil, try it again and really let it sit before washing it out, with WEN, of course!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Product Review: Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Eye Cream & Lash Serum Duo


HONEST REVIEW: Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Eye Cream & Lash Serum Duo

Hey ladies! In our quest to tighten, firm and "sculpt" our eyes at home, Olay has a new product offering. Here's my take after using it for about 4 weeks:

First, no product is going to "sculpt" our eyes at home. Not gonna happen. So, with that in mind, I do feel this is a nice product for the price. There are several seriously more pricey products out there claiming to do the same: tighten our eye area, both top and bottom. Now, this is a new thing for most eye creams. Usually you can only use them on the under eye area. Now, this cream is letting us dot it lightly on the upper lid to help firm and reduce crepey skin. Finally!

I can't say I've seem super WOW results, but I do feel it is a nice cream for the eyes and I think (think) it's helping firm my upper lids. They seem smoother and less puffy overall, so for now, I'd say it's worth the try.

The lash serum? Not really working, in my opinion. I've used it steadily about 4 nights a week (I've used the cream about 5 or 6). It didn't give me dramatic results (like Latisse did), but it didn't irritate my eyes as much either. I really hate the brush, too! It's very harsh and bristly; not soft like even a mascara even thought it's the same type of wand. I stopped using it due to harsh brush and not really much in the way of results.

Cream: Yes
Lash Serum: No

Just my opinion!

Creativity Spikes with Parkinson's Disease

Some people with Parkinson's disease discover untapped artistic abilities after their diagnosis -- a phenomenon that seems to be related to their dopamine-enhancing medication.

Over the years, reports have popped up in the medical literature on Parkinson's patients who suddenly discover they are painters, sculptors or writers at heart. Read this full WebMD article...

How to Firm and Tone Your Eye Area Using Microcurrent - Hooded Eyes

How to Firm and Tone Your Eye Area Using Microcurrent SEE VIDEO:  https://youtu.be/_S11otFnmn8 VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: hi there I'...