Selling on ETSY - Beauty, Homemade, Arts, Gifts - How to sell more and be an ETSY Superstar
Artist Marketing PR Mass Media - Boost Your Sales, Store Traffic, Exposure!

Need a mass boost of exposure leading to traffic to your Etsy store?

Microsoft Founder Bill Gates has famously said
"If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on PR" --

Many sellers can help you boost your Etsy profile or maybe drive a some traffic to your store, but then it stops unless you keep it going.

My program will give you permanent boosts in traffic, online exposure and your Etsy shop!


**Professional PR** package including custom-written PR + distribution across MAJOR and NATIONWIDE news links (you'll get a LOT of media links back to your store) FULL REPORT

**Video Marketing Package**
Google loves video! Get a high-quality HD video (w/music) showcasing your products!
--One custom-made promo video showcasing your store items
--Viral marketing release across several platforms - you'll get real views and comments! (YouTube)

**Showcase Website & Blog Links (4)** ONE FULL YEAR

--You'll receive links on four of our media platforms including:
Get Your Spotlight blog
Direct Sales Power
Direct Sales Marketing blog
-- One year links and showcase of your products on each!

**Social Blast**
--20-days of Twitter - we'll tweet your posts for 20 days
--Featured post on popular women/moms-oriented page on Facebook
--Pin to 2 growing Pinterest boards

**Email marketing**
--Featured ad in our ezine sent to over 2500 subscribers (95% women)

We will interview you and give you the full spotlight on our blog w/photos (written format)

This package will help get your shop traffic boosted, as well as increase your overall online presence for more traffic month after month.

I'm happy to answer questions!

My goal is to get you traffic, exposure and make you look like a superstar seller!

Ask me about getting a FREE "As Seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX" status media opportunity!



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