Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Product Spotlight: AQUAFFINITY Skincare Products

Aquaffinity Premum Skin Care offers you great anti-aging and acne/rosacea skin care products. I’ve been using them for quite a while and my skin is better than it ever has been. All of their products are Cruelty-Free!

Aquaffinity uses natural ingredients and the very best anti-aging ingredients. The results speak for themselves! My skin is so much softer & smoother than it was before using their Soothing Solution and Wrinkle Defense creams. I also love their Brightening Eye Serum. Even if I’ve had very little sleep, no one knows it, thanks to their eye serum.

The owner of the company developed the line of skin care products based on her own battle with skin problems and bad experiences with other skin care products. She’s done us all a favor by developing these wonderful lotions, creams, & serum! She’s taken the guesswork out of selecting “good for your skin” products I really can’t get over how much my skin has improved by using their products. They’re truly amazing! And they feel SO nice on your skin; VERY luxurious and never greasy. The Soothing Solution cream leaves a nice matte finish.

The company uses high concentrations of high quality natural ingredients, especially natural extracts, like Green Tea and Sage, and cold pressed oils, like Grape Seed, Cranberry seed, & Argan oil.

To top off all the great things about this company, they even offer a money back guarantee. That’s how sure they are you’ll love there skin care. I’ve found my Holy Grail of Skin Care, and it’s Aquaffinity!

And right now they’re having a 25% off sale on their site through Christmas Day. Start now on that New You for 2014!
*Sponsored blog post.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Ageless Beauty Makeup Tip: Best facial crack filler

Over 40 we all have a facial "crack" or 20. We have hollows and areas that need a little help. Like those little half-moons that form under our eyes :(

For true filling, you need a needle and some filler, but you can fake it fairly easily with just a few tips:

1. Use a filler with body. I'm talking filler that will stand up on its own light a stiff frosting. If your filler is like a lotion or doesn't literally stand on its own when you put it on your finger, forget it.

My best choices for this are:

1. Olay Regenerist Filling and Sealing Treatment, 2. Loreal Studio Secrets Magic Base

These both have the body you need to actually fill an under eye hollow or deep wrinkle. The Loreal Magic Blur is a good choice, too but not as stiff as the Magic Base.

2. You need to start on clean EXFOLIATED skin. If you haven't exfoliated in awhile, you must do this to get the best results.

3. Moisturize first. Let the moisture sink in for a moment before you apply the filler. This is important.

4. Pat the filler of choice on your cracks, hollows. Use it to really "build up" the area. You won't need much.

5. Apply your foundation (use a light touch), then lightly tap on concealer over the filler. Don't rub or you'll rub off all your hard work! This may take a little practice. Use a light tapping motion until it's blended.

6. Set with a light luminizing veil. Don't use translucent powder, don't use mineral foundation. they will accentuate your lines. You must use a very light setting veil to camouflage your "filling" and set it.

That's it. Once you get the hang of it, you can do this quickly (under 60 seconds) and be on your way.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Best Lash Growth Products From $100 to $5.00

I've used several lash growth products:

Latisse -- works, but pricey ($100+) made my eyes itchy and also the drag of having to get it from of doctor

Serum KGF - works on brows; didn't see much in the way of growth on my lashes

Olay -- I like Olay, but this stuff didn't work for me. Maybe I need to try it longer? Good price, but not much else.

Select Lash -- super, duper cheap and it works. Caveat: You must really sop this stuff on and use it daily, but I've seen growth (not fullness, but growth).

AQ Lash -- works great, but pricey ($100+). It works fast, good growth just high dollar!

Just my two cents. I like to pass on what I find that works (and doesn't) for my fellow Ageless babies!