Thursday, May 9, 2013

Anti-Aging: Should You Take Calcium?

5 Health Benefits of Calcium

While there are many minerals that offer the human mind and body amazing health benefits, the perks of calcium consumption are particularly impressive. Upon examining five of the health benefits provided by calcium consumption, it becomes clear that making the mineral a part of one's daily diet is both important and advantageous. For those reasons and more, calcium is a primary ingredient in FG power strips.

1. Strong and Healthy Bones As many know, calcium consumption is integral to the maintenance of healthy bones. Unfortunately, the body continually uses calcium for the blood, heart, muscles, and nerves. Moreover, calcium is lost through regulatory processes of the body such as perspiration. If lost calcium is not replaced, the body will remove calcium from the bones, an act which weakens them and increases the individual's susceptibility to fracture.
2. Vitamin Absorption While calcium provides the body with many health benefits, it also helps the human system absorb other vitamins that are crucial to the proper functioning of the body. Iron, for example, is better utilized through the assistance of calcium. Without iron, the human system is more vulnerable to conditions such as anemia and heart problems.
3. Osteoporosis Prevention Consuming sufficient amounts of calcium with vitamin D can increase bone mass in children and young adults. Moreover, it can contribute to decreased bone loss amongst the aging population. Thus calcium consumption can help ward off the risk of osteoporosis, a disorder that makes one's bones become brittle, porous, and susceptible to fracture.
4. Calcium Can Help Keep The Weight Down According to research studies, calcium can play an integral role in the prevention of weight gain. This weight loss prevention transpires because calcium promotes fat burning and discourages fat storage.
5. Calcium Limits The Effects of PMS According to endocrinologist Dr. Susan Thys-Jacobs, when women don't consume enough calcium and vitamin D, the hormones regulating calcium react negatively with progesterone and estrogen. This triggers PMS symptoms. In discussing adequate intake, Dr. Thys-Jacobs recommends that women take about 1000 milligrams of calcium each day.

Upon considering all the health benefits of calcium, you may want to know which sources you can get the mineral from. In addition to dairy products such as milk and cheese, leafy green vegetables like spinach and kale contain significant amounts of the mineral. Fish like sardines and salmon also have calcium, as do oranges, almonds, and blackstrap molasses. When you attain calcium through consuming any of the foods listed above, you are likely to witness significant improvement in your overall health. To learn more, visit the FG Express Team.

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